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Thread: How to make signatures?

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    How to make signatures?

    I couldn't find a way to add a signature. Is this something that requires a certain number of posts, or am I being blind or stupid? Can someone tell me how to do it?

    Thank you very much.

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    We don't support signatures, except for moderators-and generally the mods' signatures are a link to the Guidelines.

    However, we do have

    Avatars (Directions to get one below)

    Custom User Titles (Directions to get one below)

    Which allow an abbreviated version of a signature line.

    We got rid of the signature files when our members were including huge pictures, and animated .gif files that ate bandwidth in their siggies, not to mention links to commercial websites (which we don't allow on GS).

    The avatars and custom titles are small, and we can afford the bandwidth they require.

    100 posts required for a custom title, 25 for an avatar.

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