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Thread: Marketing Ms. Davis & Mr. White

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    Today at my office, someone showed a bunch of us this amazing ad (really a short film) by Cartier, the jewelry company.

    This is the kind of thing I was thinking of when I said that Meryl and Charlie could be featured in an ad for some high-end product such as cars or perfume (print or filmed). Add to them jewelry and watches, which are often the ultimate luxury products. Here is exactly the kind of atmosphere I was thinking about, except of course this ad is far more ambitious than most. Can't you imagine Meryl in some fantasy landscape like this? It's a very rare young woman who is able to move easily in a glamorous setting, and Meryl has the carriage and the grace to do it. And Charlie would be a great asset in such an ad as well--elegant, a bit rakish, conveying a sense of adventure.
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    That could have been Meryl at the end.

    But yeah, I see what you mean. They could be skating through various landscapes. etc. I'd buy it.

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    Evan has signed with Michelle's agent. I wonder whether Meryl & Charlie may do the same.

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