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Thread: Elizaveta Tuktamysheva prepares for next season

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skater Boy View Post
    Ice is slippery. She definitely has huge potential. She still needs oomph - amplitude on her ice coverage, height and power and flow out on the jumps and crisper spins.
    It has been said many times and she knows
    that her weakness is ice covergae and her spins and is working on it

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    The last thing these girls need to start doing is quads. I can see someone like Gracie going for the 3axel in the future if it's possible but trying to perfect a quad seems foolish and risks injury.

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    ^ after Youth Olys she talked about her ice coverage and spins herself. And like Gold talking, sometimes fans dont let these girls grow and show results at their own pace..
    Quote Originally Posted by skateflower View Post
    This kind of delusional talk from her fans or herself is just ... We've been hearing her 3a talk for a long time but still no show.
    There is absolutely NO way she can do a ratified quad or 3a based on the height of her jumps.
    Because you had seen a video 2-3 years ago of her doing a 3axel, it doesnt mean she was obliged to put one on her senior debut year because you are tired of hearing about it, she is just 15, and by the way it is the boards that are discussing her 3axel, I rarely heard talk about it.

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    Haven't bothered to read the reports yet, but just wanted to say that I hope to see her 3axel next season, and hoping beyond hope that she's done growing up & out.

    Seriously, how much better can it get than to see Mao finally have some competition when it comes to the 3axel.

    ps: and I'm hoping GG eventually masters this jump as well, but for now will be happy to just see her continue to skate clean, and up her PCS next year. (:^)

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    I find Liza T's performances on the ice refreshing. She really looks like she enjoys herself when she performs and she always has a lot of energy and plays to the music and audience. I definitely appreciate that level of performance.

    However, I can't really say I'm a fan of her skating. I agree about the ice coverage problem; she skates on one side of the rink and that's not good. And of course the majority of her spins are very weak...but this is stuff she knows so, hopefully, we'll see those problems addressed next season. I also hope she works on her jump distribution in her programs. In the LP especially, she opens with four jumping passes, back-to-back-to-back-to-back, all before the 2:00 mark and usually all of the hard jumps are in that cluster. I notice the majority of the Russian newbies do this; this leaves the program very lopsided, not to mention they leave a lot of bonus points on the table. I'd love to see more evenly distributed jump content from her as well.

    I'm not a fan of her lines either. Her shoulders are always high and it gives her a hunched and rounded appearance so I'd love to see her improve upon that as well. I'm more partial to more traditional styles of skating which is why I'm not too much a fan of her musical selections; but that's her personality on the ice and I can accept that.

    My favorite Russian newbie is Adelina Sotnikova but Liza T is my second pick; I'll give Julia a few years before I jump on her bandwagon. But those are just three in a rather deep pool of Russian ladies who are Soichi material. I can't wait for next season when both Liza T and Adelina are eligible for worlds. I think they'll shake up the standings quite a bit...

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