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Thread: Victoria Volchkova gives birth to son

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    I remember reading an interview with VV about Polina K a while ago. VV said there would be assistant coach going to world with Polina K (if she makes the team). VV will resume her work in May(?) to prepare next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    Congratulations to Victoria and her family!

    Has she considered travelling with the baby to Worlds, or is it a completely done deal that she is staying home? I agree with you that it is worrying for Polina K to make her World debut without her coach. She is so young.

    I ask this because coach Kori Ade's baby's due date was the day of the junior men's free skate at US Nationals in 2010. She had the baby induced, and took the baby to nationals.

    A link to the IN article about this has been moved to the Announcements folder.
    I think Polina K. is still in good hands
    Kudryavzev was Viktoria V's coach and Ischenko is good at interpreting the programs and overall choreography

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    She had a MONSTER triple lutz. Great athlete. Kind of mechanical in the artistry department, but tremendous athletic talent Victoria was. Saw her at DC worlds. Huge to see her jump right in front of you. Nice to see her continuing with her life and career.

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    Hopefully Vicktoria will manage to bring the baby and cheer on Polina.

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