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Thread: What would you like to see at Worlds 2012: LADIES.....

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    It's always dangerous to try to predict what will happen at these events b/c the ice is slippery and you never know what might happen.

    Under the assumption that all of the ladies skate cleanly, here's what I'd predict.

    Gold: No one in this group can match up with Mao Asada going toe-to-toe when she's firing on all cylinders. Her technical content and her artistry make her nigh untouchable when she skates cleanly. If she nails all of her jumps (including the 3As) she'll be too hard to catch. Clean jumps leave a better impression which means her PCS would see a hike, and add that to her gorgeous appearance on the ice and the strength of her programs this year (in particular her "Libestraum" masterpiece) and you've got a world champion, no doubt.

    Silver: IMO, this would be a close call between Carolina Kostner and Ashley Wagner. I'd say given the technical content, I'd give the edge to Ashley. Like Carolina, she's got two solid and well-received programs this year; unlike Carolina, she's got a tougher technical load and that could give her the edge she'd need to get past Carolina's PCS. Ashley's proven she's a contender this year and if she can hit that 3-3 in her SP and go clean in the LP the judges will definitely reward her.

    Bronze: Carolina has found a way to make watered down content pay off in a big way and I'm not even mad at her. Her programs are some of my favorite this year and when she skates cleanly she's amazing. I think she'd probably earn the highest or within a point of the highest PCS, but she'd probably have the lowest technical content. Her jumps (when clean) are gorgeous and her spins are sufficient but not as hard or good as Mao's or Ashley's.

    4th: I'd pick Akiko Suzuki for 4th. Her programs are fabulous (as always) and she's finally getting the respect she deserves from the judges. If she nails that 3-3 she'll put herself very close to the podium...but not quite there. I'd love to see her on the podium but (assuming everyone is skating well) I'd say 4th is her best placement.

    5th: I'd put Kanako as a close 5th. Her SP is wonderfully choreographed and she skates it with maturity and passion as well as speed and power. With her massive 3-3 and other jumps, I think she'd narrowly edge Alissa for a perfect world.

    6th: I pick Alissa for 6th if she skates cleanly and that might be shocking to some. Alissa is gorgeous to watch but when you compare her jump content, speed, power and the strength of her programs to Akiko or Kanako, she doesn't match up IMO. She outshines them only in spins and appearance on the ice, but in terms of transitions, speed, power, difficulty and choreography (specifically in the LP)...she can't compete. In my perfect world, her dull LP and cautious skating wouldn't be held up over Akiko or Kanako.

    So those are my predictions assuming everyone was perfect...but we know that won't be the case. I do hope to see Mao turn in a good performance but I'm thinking she might end up 2nd. Carolina's been on a roll this year so she's actually my pick for gold...but if Ashley can have a repeat performance of 4CC I wouldn't be shocked if she placed 2nd or even 1st, especially if Mao and Carolina have issues. I'd like to see Akiko and Kanako have strong skates and, depending on their content and how others skate, they can shake up the podium. I really hope Alissa can shake off her last few performances and skate decently but I'm pretty doubtful about her making the podium. Of course you have to factor in the Russians and a few others as well so it's going to be interesting to see how this one shakes out.

    Regardless, I just want to see some good skating...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    I hope Czisny and Wagner get three spots for U.S. ladies. Both to just skate solid programs.

    That is all I care about.

    But as for what I'd LIKE to see...both of them on the podium. They are both capable of it, but unfortunately one of them is off her game and might be a struggle just to stay in the hunt.

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    I would like to see
    god skating and
    fair judging and
    that fans look at the beauty of skating and don't put out there bias of someone, but look at what is great of each one who skates
    I know, too much to ask, but as much as possible that's what I wish. And the best should win

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    I would love to see everyone skate two clean beautiful programs with no mistakes. Not likely, but it would be nice to see clean programs with all the required elements executed without fault. We haven't seen that kind of skating since Kwan retired.

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    I think that Kostner really deserves the title this year. IIRC, she's only lost to Tuktamisheva this season, and her programs are beautiful. That said, I also hope she has two triple flips to up her technical content.
    I'd like to see Mao win silver since she's been working so hard. I want her to have a clean skate.
    I'd like to see Korobeynikova win a bronze because I love her jump technique so much and it would likely mean that Russia would have three spots next year.

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    Clean skates, that's what I would like to see, clean skates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macassar88 View Post
    I think that Kostner really deserves the title this year. IIRC, she's only lost to Tuktamisheva this season,
    Not to be a nitpicker but she also lost to Kostner at the first Gp of the season, Skate America, against Czisny

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaginaryPogue View Post
    Gold: Carolina Kostner
    Tenth: Amelie LaCoste
    Why: Duh. I want her to get the second spot. I want her to prove SC’s indecision and mendacious politicking wrong. And also who cares when you get down this low.
    What next? A DIFFERENT COACH. One with a much smarter COP strategy. If you’ve got a negligible success rate with a jump, why include it in the short program?
    I Agree with you all the way. She deserve to shine and prove SC that she can do better than Phaneuf this year, and maybe the next year(s) to come!

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    Oops. Forgot that happened.

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    1. Carolina Kostner
    2. Akiko Suzuki
    3. Alissa Czisny
    4. Ashley Wagner
    5. Mao Asada
    6. Alena Leonova
    7. Ksenia Makarova
    8. Elene Gedevanishvili
    9. Kanako Murakami
    10. Amelie Lacoste

    Japan, USA, and Russia all earn 3 spots for next year's Worlds. Canada regains the 2nd spot. My favorite of the ladies currently competing, Kostner, wins! All medalists are around their mid-twenties. Let's hear it for the women of the ice!
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    I want to see some worthy competition and does not have a full splatfest on the ice.

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    1. Akiko Suzuki
    2. Ashley Wagner
    3. Mao Asada

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    my biggest wish is to see:

    1. Gold - Mao Asada
    Mao is the most graceful and beautiful skater i have seen, and she truly represent what an ice princess is, I am soo fascinatet by how she is able to pull one masterpiece og a program after the other, all her recent galas are true materpieces, and she is a legend not only because of her acievements, i sometimes wonder where she gets her multivation from when she always goes through so many hardships, just thinking about last years worlds makes me heartbroken, which is why that I want her to win worlds with the same programs as she skatet to at last years worlds. I find the gold too little cause she really deserves much more then that.

    2. silver- Akiko Suzuki - I think she is one of the most musical skaters i have seen and truely knows how to feel the music, through she never had the big jumps her beautiful artistry make up for that, and this is what makes a big difference between skaters like Mao and Akiko and someone like ashley and carolina, cause when i look at Mao or akiko it's pure delight cause their skating looks natural where carolina or ashley look to forsed and often awkward when performing and that's my personal oppinion.. anyway I would be soo sad if akiko didn't atleast get a world medal cause she truly has a rare quality to her. and wouldn't be awesome if she would be remembered as a world medalist, she really has all what it takes to one
    3. Bronze- Carolina kostner - well through i have never ben a fan i admit that she has been pretty consistent this season, but with her jump content I really think that anything more the a bronze would be quite laughable, when comparing what other previous world champions and world silver medalist delievered (Mao, Yuna, Miki)

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    What I would like to see from Ladies:

    1) Carolina winning the gold finally!
    Her SP music is very unique, no one but Carolina can skate to it, I think. But I expect 2 flips from her, if she is to win.

    2)Akiko hitting perfect 3-3 and getting on the podium!!!
    Her programs, along with Carolina's and Ashley's, are the best 3 programs among ladies combined SP+LP.

    3) 2 Almost-clean skates from Mao and her angelic smile upon finish!

    4) Every girl skates their best (unlikely)...No splats (again unlikely).

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    My dream would be a podium of Ashley, Akiko and Carolina in any order. I would be in figure skating heaven if that happened :-) Mostly I really want Ashley to have two solid performances that she can be proud of Also: Alissa to have a good skate and redeem herself somewhat. God I'm so nervous. Off to the arena now!

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