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Thread: Scoring at Worlds - Hersh's Views

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    Scoring at Worlds - Hersh's Views

    Davis and White, the reigning world champions, are in second after getting a score (70.98) more than five points below their season best.

    The Shibutanis, reigning bronze medalists, are in seventh with a score (62.35) more than three points below their season best.

    The couples in first, third, fourth, fifth and sixth places all got season bests.

    Coincidence, right?

    Short Dance:

    Pairs Short:
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    Heh. Very Hersh-like.

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    That guy doesn`t know **** about ice dance, if there was a couple that was robbed it was weaver and poje who i think with the exception of virtue and moir easily outskated the rest of the field i agree about the french there is some home cooking going on there.

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    Yup, Weaver/Poje was undermarked, and the French was overmarked. Their twizzle was slow, weak and not in synch.

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    This article is just ugly....Mr. Hersh should know that personal best scores can be misleading especially with this year's SD. Depending on the event, the technical panel was either very lenient or very picky. D/W have in no way been "dumped". This type of article does not help figure skating's popularity in the US...can't wait to see what he writes after the FD...

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    Why doesn't Hersh try to learn about ice dancing instead of writing like an idiot? Oh, that's right -- because he gets paid no matter what crap he writes. I can't wait til these wastes of journalistic space retire and let people who are truly qualified to write take jobs. It's time to sweep the trash out.

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    Hersh, I'm glad you're watching and I hope you continue to watch because you haven't seen nothing yet; this Worlds is going to go down as one of the worst ever for the Americans.

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