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Thread: Carolina Kostner finally reaches the top

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    Congratulations to Carolina!

    I admit, I've watched Caro for years, meltdown after meltdown, and I thought I'd never ever see the day in which she'd become World Champion. She is the poster girl for perseverance! Now, I hope Akiko wins the WC next year so we can continue the trend of old lady World Champions

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    Congratulations to her. She has given many years of her life to the sport. I have never enjoyed watching her skate but I was relieved to see her beat Leonova.

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    Caro was majestic this year. Sad to see Mao struggle, our exquisite butterfly, but Carolina really brought the star power to ladies this year. She and Ashley had the best programs, costumes and performances. I will miss these programs. Thank goodness for Youtube!

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    Caro was just wonderful in Nice well deserved win for her!

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