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Thread: Are US pair Teams on the Rise?

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    Are US pair Teams on the Rise?

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    Out of curiousity I looked at the last several years results.

    2006 - 4th place/11th place = (15)
    2007 - 8th place/12th place = (16)
    2008 - 10th place/11th place = (21)
    2009 9th place/11th place = (18)
    2010 - 7th place/9th place = (16)
    2011- 6th place/11th place = (17)
    2012 - 8th place/10th place = (18)

    The last time US pair team to place in the top five was Inoe/Baldwin. I think that the US teams both skated very well at Worlds this year especially considering the fact that they are two new teams, however what will it take to have a top five team again?

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    Donlan and Speroff. Patience!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spun Silver View Post
    Donlan and Speroff. Patience!
    I pray to the skategods everyday that Donlan/Speroff will eventually be able to land side-by-side triple jumps with at least a modicum of consistency.

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