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Thread: Johnny Weir Quad [April 2012] Training

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    that combo was gorgeous. now if he could only finally do it in competition. what talent.
    but please, musk version of Requiem for a Dream? how much more cheap russian can we get?

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    Evgeni coming back, Evan coming back, and now Johnny coming back!
    We've seen strong skates from Evgeni at the Euro, and Brian and Daisuke at the Worlds.

    Does that mean we are gonna see other than 'Patrick-vs.-the-rest-of-skaters' like competitions next season?
    Now Mens field is getting even more 'exciting' to me. Yay!

    Who's next? I want Stephane! and Jeff!

    PS: Didn't I tell you I love veterans?

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    Awesome if this works out for Johnny

    I guess his husband supports him to make a comeback like Plushenko's wife did. New positive energy

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    Yikes, yesterday Weir needed an IV drip -- but the good news is that he is feeling better today.!/JohnnyGWeir/s...54170861088768

    (Yesterday was a very hot and humid day in the NYC area, and presumably in NJ as well.)

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    Johnny must be sick with a virus or flu to need a IV drip. Glad he is feeling better.

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