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Thread: Has MK managed to stay fit?

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    Ryan Bradley told Ice Network that he'll be doing the cruise ship thing and on Royal Caribbean as well. Apparently his girlfriend is also a skater on the same ship he will be on. I totally can see Ryan enjoying that sort of thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    I poked around on the Internet and learned that APMcD has been doing these cruises since 2010. Evidently quite a few former skaters sign up for a tour of duty just to see the world. Depending on the itinerary, they have ports of call in many Mediterranean and Caribbean ports.

    They typically put on two shows a night, seven nights a week, and during the day they have duties like renting out skates to passengers, or just making the rounds socializing.
    yes I know, it just seems odd because APM was always talked about as being completely forced to skate and that she didn't like it.. the perks are nice for this job, but if you don't love it it gets tediuous just like everything else...

    but if this renewed her love for skating more power to her.

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    annie also did (not sure if she still is doing) shows on RC. she still does shows but i'm not sure where. she has so many pictures of her glamorous costumes on her FB page, it's really cool to look at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
    traveling ice troupe, might be a way for her to feel as if she's broken free of whatever distressed her during her teen years.
    Good point, Ann Patrice seemed to have such an attitude when she skated competively.

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