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Thread: Can Agnes Zawadzki break through next season?

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    Can Agnes Zawadzki break through next season?

    New article on Agnes Zawadzki. I think she has plenty of potential, but if she is to make a greater impact, then she needs to achieve much greater consistency. If her long program had been as good as her short program at Nationals, then she would have finished ahead of Czisny and qualified for Worlds. With her and Wagner in the Worlds team, the United States could well of regained its 3 spots. Indeed, I certainly think she could of finished ahead of Ksenia Makarova, in which case, the U.S. would have succeeded in getting back the 3 spots.
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    No. I don't think she's a factor at all. She's been tanking her LP all season long.

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    She certainly can break through, but I don't know if she will. There are also several other girls trying to break through.

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    NO. She didn't deserve the bronze medal at the nationals.

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    Well, she has all the goods, at this point it's about delivering consistently, especially when it matters most. She could do it, but so could a lot of other ladies (Mirai, Gracie, Christina, Angela, etc). Maybe her odds would be better if she could upgrade her 3-3 and then do a 3-3 and 2a-3t in her FS.

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    She can, if she wants to. However, I don't think Ashley will be unseated easily. I don't think Caroline's momentum is gonna slow anytime soon, and I think Gracie has designs on the podium as well.

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