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Thread: How Would You Pick Your Olympic Team Event Lineup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    I do agree with redwing to a certain extent, though. It seems funny to try to make a "team" event out of a discipline where each person just goes out and skates as an individual, then they add up the points. It is hard to see where the "team" part comes in. Even in gymnastics, at least there is a tiny bit if strategy as far as the possibility of sending up specialists on the different apperatuses, mixed in with all-around performers.

    Still, I think its cool. The bottom line is the bottom line. If fans like it, who am I to throw water on their parade?

    As for the World team Trophy, cheesefests rule! Michelle Kwan used to have a standing contract with USFS and ABC television that required her to show up for the five major events of the skating season: Skate America, U.S. Nationals, and the October, December, and April cheesefests. Worlds? Who cares about that?
    When Michelle skated regularly in events, there were huge audiences and lots of TV coverage. Cheesefests, cheesefests, rah, rah, rah!

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    Well Canada might have Rochette back for the Olympic games and Phaneuf if she can get her act together could still re emerge as a top ten skater though top 5 is doubtful.

    I thinkit would be odd to see Japan win - they'd have to get a lot of good breaks - ie. Tsquared get a break with imigration then they have the Reeds - oy, who would ever thinkt he Reeds might not even qualify for the freeskate. Maybe the Shibutani's can switch countries lol. Actually Italy isn't looking too bad - they are developing in pairs, goldmedal inladies (for now), a decent guy skater and maybe even a bronze medal in dance. Canada though should really try hard to get Rochette back in the game and hope V and M and Chan do really well. The Americans also look really strong but I have to admit though life isn't fair I am not sure about Abbott. I think he is a great skater and deserves a world medal but his lack of consistency doesn't "warrant in a just world" OGM at least as a singles skater. IMHO Picking the teams really is strategy - sving themselves for the other events and best chance in the team. It seems that in pairs and dance they will want to send their best team to do the SP or SD and LP. However, in singles the nations in general will have more choices. Italy will be stuck with Kostner; but Canada and the USA definitely would be tossing up a coin really as to which skater will do their best. Because several top nations have several good or bad singles skaters in the case of Canada they can gamble with splitting who skates what program. Oddly that is more in singles right now than in pairs or dance. I think the US has one of the stronger teams depth wise though Russia by 2014 will be interesting to watch with V and T on the rise, who knows about K and S in pairs, the baby ballerinas in ladies and possibly Plushy back and some movement up in dance they could really be a huge threat for OGM..

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