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Thread: Women @ Campbells

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    Women @ Campbells

    Who Should have won?

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    Re: Women @ Campbells

    Michelle Kwan, she did do 4 triples, but she had no interruptions in choreography, a nice program overall. I noticed a different combination spin, in the middle of the program I marked...5.5/5.8

    Ann Patrice..., the jumps were there, she landed 5 clean triples, maybe 6, i remember them saying something about possible two foot on the Salchow, but it was a wonderful program. Her emotion in her program is getting a little better. Depending on if you like the technical side/artistic side could have gone either way. Can she land a 3toe? I marked..5.6/5.7

    Sasha Cohen..., had some major mistakes, but a great foundation to work on, nice jump sequence...i marked...5.4/5.6

    the rest..iddn't do anything for me and i would hate to have to put such low marks..

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Women @ Campbells

    Much as I like all the skaters, I'm so glad Michelle won. :D

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    Re: Women @ Campbells

    My girl Michelle won, and I really can't say I dispute that. She did very well. Ann-Patrice was right on her tail though. I love Ann-Patrice, I was so happy for her. Michelle & A-P definitely were the best, but I do think that Michelle won fair and square. Sasha made some big mistakes, Sarah was boring...

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