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Thread: What things would you change/add/remove to make figure skating popular again?

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    A seven-year-old? Oh, God save us. I hadn't heard about that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    I think what people objected to about the Skate Canada initiative was that it seemed like they were were saying, "Gay is bad, but you don't have to be gay to skate. You can be OK and still skate." No wonder skaters were embarrassed to be associated with it.

    Gays are well represented in many artistic endeavors. Skating is open to everyone, come one, come all. The issue that really needs urgent action is bullying children. Last week in Detroit a 7-year-old boy hanged himself after being bullied at school.
    IIRC wasn't this an attempt to attract more male sports fans? As if people won't tune in to watch a gay skater in sequins, but will tune in to watch a straight male skater in sequins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivingmissdaisy View Post
    IIRC wasn't this an attempt to attract more male sports fans? As if people won't tune in to watch a gay skater in sequins, but will tune in to watch a straight male skater in sequins.
    I was embarassed and I'm just a fan.

    When officials are caught in contriving unfair results, they should be banned. We are not too stupid to notice them still sitting on judging panels, let alone being eligible to run for head of the ISU.

    Many of us would like to see more of the competitors, not just the top three.

    Suppose for a moment that hockey games were shown a week or more after the results are known, and then only the third period, don't you think there would be a drop in popularity?
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    Making the results even more transparent would be a start. Someone posted on another thread about a statistician answering the question, "Did the new judging system improve accountability in figure skating?" (or a question like that)-- and his response was an emphatic NO, because the new judging system is too convoluted for the average fan who tunes in every four years. Even gymnastics saw a dip in popularity when they changed their scoring system.

    I think it's up to the skaters to make skating more interesting. People love human interest stories. People tuned in to watch Dan Jansen skate around the oval, not so much because speed skating is exciting (it is!), but because they wanted him to finally capture gold after two previous tries.

    I am sure this year during the Summer Olympics, people will tune in to watch women's vault to see Oksana Chusovitina--who is not just a contender for the gold medal, but is also someone whose presence in gymnastics has been longer than some of her contemporaries have been alive.

    Now, I'm not advocating creating drama for drama's sake or airing one's dirty laundry (we certainly don't need anything like this: ), but I think skaters should show a bit more personality during interviews. I don't mind it when Chan or Moir express their opinions publicly, or Nagasu gets cheeky. They're human, too.
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    I think that bullying of children has nothing to do with the issue of figure skating being, figuratively speaking, dead. Bullying has always been there, long before figure skating ever started its first competitions. And, figure skating used to be a lot more popular, in times when bullying was probably more of a common thing. (the ability to broadcast news to the world on-the-fly has only served to help people think that bad events are happening with more frequency). If you're going to become concerned about bullying, then do two things: give the education system the ability to punish children as it used to, and give the responsibility of parenting the children back to the parents.

    As for helping figure skating climb out of the hole that it's in, two things in my opinion that need to happen are this. I think that some kind heart at the TOP of the news broadcasting world needs to step in give figure skating more attention than what it's been given. At the BOTTOM of the figure skating competition cirlce (as in the local rinks), the costs need to come down. With the economy being what it is, the costs of coachs' hourly rates and the costs of providing ice time need to come down. At least here in Massachusetts and in New York (I've talked to a number of folks who've been in figure skating for a long, long time) there are fewer rinks than there used to be, and there's less ice time available at the remaining rinks.

    This means that ice is more crammed than it used to be. Who wants to deal with THAT? Coaches are also demanding higher rates. Some of that has to do with who coaches who THINK they are worth their salt (or that they are somehow not as good as other coaches if their rates are lower), and some of it has to do with the declining number of students and ice time available. I, myself, had a terrible time finding a coach (once I found one I was able to add another one) simply because the rinks they coach at don't provide that much ice time, and they don't coach more than one student at a time. Viscious cycle, huh???

    This has been an awesome thread, not because I started it .... LOL .... but because so many of you all have a lot of insider knowledge of the sport (why can't acknowledge figure skating as a sport?). That tends to be hidden because most here are chatting about the latest gold medal hopeful, or because they're busy with their own lives. I believe, as at least one poster in this thread mentioned, that this IS a topic that's been beaten to death. Please, though, DON'T stop talking about it. You guys are the ones holding this sport up. It's not the Olympic hopefuls that are the foundation. They will win their medals and move on.

    It's the ones at places like goldenskate that are the ones that spend the money that keeps the rinks open, the coaches employed, the young skaters outfitted with new boots and blades and fancy costumes, oh and a show writer. Manufacturers and rinks can't survive on elite skaters alone. Those at the top of their sport aren't going to spend money to keep this sport alive. They have other dreams to tend to.

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