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Thread: Ando's return highlights busy season ahead for Japan

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    I never would have thought of Miki Ando as the type of skater for Black Swan, but I have to say I found this lovely. The drama and weightiness of the music suits her and of course, Miki has always rocked black costumes. She loses momentum on her last combo spin but oh well. I'd love to see her skate to this music if she does come back this season. Maybe for the short program. I'd like to see her (and everyone else) use a non-warhorse for the long.

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    I agree that Miki looks just spectacular in black. The first time I saw her skating in a simple all-black practice outfit was the moment I realized how beautiful she really is. She has that wonderful feline Sophia Loren angularity to her face, with cheekbones she could auction off to any fashion model. Those fussy costumes don't do her justice, and I hope she finds a way to use black--the fabric doesn't matter; could be jersey, sequins, velvet, whatever--as her costume. I'm getting more and more excited at the thought of her coming back. She brings something strong and dramatic to the ice. Layfan, I join you in hoping she uses a non-warhorse for the long. And there are so many available!

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