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Thread: Chen looks forward to junior debut

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    News Chen looks forward to junior debut

    For the 2012-13 season, USA's Karen Chen has decided to compete on the junior level, and tested successfully earlier this month to be able to do so.


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    Karen was absolutely wonderful at Nationals. What a talent!

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    i'm so excited to see this girl improve and move up the next two levels. she is so talented and mature for a 12 year old!

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    I highly recommend that everybody watch [URL=""]her exhibition at the recent US nationals[/URL]. Karen skates to traditional Chinese music with two ginormous feathered fans, and she does her spins, her jumps (among them a perfect 3lutz) footwork and spirals while manipulating her props! She has all her triples (except the flip that she lips), a 2axel/3toe combo she's done regularly in competition and very solid basics. She's very, very promising.

    And I didn't know how thoughtful and well-spoken she is before reading this interview. It's amazing that she's not even old enough to compete on the Junior Grand Prix!

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