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Thread: Michelle's choices re: GPF

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    Michelle's choices re: GPF

    I am sure MK did not expect to be in the GPF with just 12 pts from SA. What are the choices available to her now? She was shopping cashmere sweaters for Brad at the B. Republic yesterday, I suspect that the last thing in her mind was GPF?

    BTW, if she refuses to compete at GPF, what can they do to her?

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    Re: Michelle's choices re: GPF

    Michelle bought a nice sweater for her boyfriend, awwwwww. You know I love stuff like that, Eltamina.

    I voted for work her behind off. But she doesn't really need to do anything special, because the Grand Prix final comes between the US Championships and (if she goes) Worlds.

    US Championship: January 12-19
    Grand Prix Final: February 28-March 2
    World Championship: March 24-30.

    So this seems nicely paced for her, if she really does intend to compete seriously at the end of the season.

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    Re: Michelle's choices re: GPF

    Although I would love to see MK in Russia, I think she should tell them to shove off - she didn't want to go and she shouldn't be forced into anything.

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    She is going to HK next mo?

    According to :

    I hope she works her behind off with practicing skating in HK then.

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    Re: She is going to HK next mo?

    Hong Kong is a stopver before Tokyo.


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    Re: She is going to HK next mo?

    I read in one of the skating magazines that Lu Chen had been hired to try to start up a serious junior level skating program in Hong Kong. I wonder if Michelle's trip has anything to do with that. Or is this a Disney appearance?

    She seems like she's having the time of her life this year.

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    Speedy has spoken

    According to Phil Hersh:

    "ISU President Ottavio Cinquanta said he would contact USFSA President Phyllis Howard to let her know it is of "paramount importance" for Kwan to compete in the final Feb.28-March 1 in Russia."

    MK better get her flu shot, she has a habit of catching flu and cold on the plane in the winter time.

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    Re: Speedy has spoken

    OY!! Michelle had it right quoting the godfather, just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

    Good luck to her, whatever she chooses.


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