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    2012 Liberty Summer Competition, July 17-21

    Host club site:
    Rink 2 is the main rink (Olympic-sized).

    Senior and Junior entries as published online:

    Parkinson, Paul Bonifacio Italian Figure Skating Federation
    Messing, Keegan Alaska Association of Figure Skating
    Miner, Ross SC of Boston (believe he plans to do SP or FS)
    Choate, Harrison SC of Boston
    Atanassov, Manol Bulgarian Skating Federation
    Koleto, Timothy Broadmoor SC
    Savary, Emmanuel SC of New York
    Aaron, Max Broadmoor SC
    Manella, Luiz Brazilian Ice Federation
    Vigorito, Brad Colonial FSC (SP Only)
    Wan, Christopher North Jersey FSC (SP Only)
    Laboy, Alexander Puerto Rican Figure Skating Federation (SP Only)
    Campbell, Wesley Colonial FSC
    Mroz, Brandon Broadmoor SC
    Fournier, Grisha All Year FSC
    Rogers, Shaun SC of Wilmington (SP Only)

    Orenstein, Zoe Yarmouth Ice Club
    Daniels, McKinzie Broadmoor SC
    Buchanan, Aimee Colonial FSC
    Yan, Christina Granite Club / Canada
    Timlen, Allison Columbia FSC of MD
    Kalina, Maria Star Light Ice Dance Club
    Dunne, Haley University of Delaware FSC
    Williams, Isadora Washington FSC / Brazil
    Zeppi, Rachel SC of Boston
    Mallet, Veronik CTC / Canada
    Hu, Jessica SC of North Carolina
    Rheault, Roxanne CTC / Canada
    Rollins, Mia Colonial FSC
    Eng, Elise Princeton SC
    Crawford, Molly Washington FSC
    Douglas-DeLo, Piper Charter Oak FSC
    Karlsson, Kristina Washington FSC
    Sims, Janae Broadmoor SC
    DeFelice, Patricia Atlantic City FSC
    Skarulis, Brittney SC of New York

    Sauve, Emelie Morrisburgh and District SC / Canada
    Rajic, Nicole SC of New York / Slovakia
    Cain, Ashley Stars FSC of Texas
    Cesario, Samantha SC of New York
    Siraj, Yasmin SC of Boston
    Fanelle, Danielle SC of Wilmington
    Serafini, Helen SC of New York
    Yasenka, Sarah Columbia FSC of Maryland
    Taylor, Courtney Charter Oak FSC
    Herman, Jenelle SC of Boston
    Ferguson, Ashley Philadelphia Skating Club & Humane Society
    Kononenko, Anastasiya North Jersey FSC / Ukraine
    Komes, Erynn SC of North Carolina
    McNally, Emily Charter Oak FSC
    Davis, Camille Salt Lake Figure Skating
    Mateya, Annie Ice World FSC (SP Only)
    Parekh, Ami SC of Wilmington / India (SP Only)
    Clear, Kaitlin Washington FSC
    Forte, Joelle SC of NY

    Bautista, Kloe Chanel SC of Boston & Harris, Tyler SC of Boston / (plan to represent Philippines)
    Donlan, Gretchen The SC of Boston & Speroff, Andrew SC of Boston
    Duarte, Kylie Colonial FSC & Grafton, Colin All Year FSC
    Dube, Jessica CTC & Wolfe, Sebastien CTC / Canada (SP Only)
    Kayne, Tarah Southwest Florida FSC & O'Shea, Daniel Skokie Valley FSC
    Kemp, Stacey Southwest Florida FSC & King, David Southwest Florida FSC / Great Britain
    Zhang, Felicia SC of New York & Bartholomay & Nate University of Delaware FSC

    Beatson, Liam SC of Boston
    Toman, Bennet CPAR Vaudreuil / Canada
    Leak, Alex Minto Skating Club / Canada
    Silecky, Matej The Skating Club of NY
    Mimidis, Marcus SC of Wilmington
    O'Brien, Peter Stirling Figure Skating Club / Canada
    Ma, Jimmy SC of New York
    Belmontes, Chase Broadmoor SC
    Rupp, Patrick Citrus FSC
    Schetelich, James SC of New York
    Bjelde, Alexander EC Orberstdorf / Germany
    Newberry, Jack NISA of Great Britain
    Newberry, Graham NISA of Great Britain
    Nagode, Andrew University of Delaware FSC
    Tsoglin, Artem Israel Ice Skating Federation

    JUNIOR LADIES A (SP Rink 1 on Wed.)
    Long, Barbie Illinois Valley FSC
    Qiu, Jessica Skating Club of Northern Virginia
    Scarpa, Samantha Ice House of New Jersey FSC
    Martin, Sandrine CTC / Canada
    Yu, Spring SC of New York
    Willoughby, Raya M. Washington FSC / Malaysia
    Chang, Melanie Washington FSC
    Mulera, Haley Washington FSC
    Cleveland, Christina Washington FSC
    Kang, Selin Ice House of New Jersey FSC
    Guiseppe Clarke, Britanny CTC / Canada
    Watanabe, Maki SC of New York
    Draovitch , Ana Central Carolina SC

    JUNIOR LADIES B (SP Rink 1 on Wed.)
    Gelb, Amanda Los Angeles FSC
    Marcus, Stephanie Patinage Gatineau / Canada
    Gottlieb, Marissa Colonial FSC
    Kono, Renee Houston FSC
    Nishimoto, Joanna Washington FSC
    Agler, Eve SC of New York
    Moschetto, Jamie SC of New York
    Chilcott, Crystal Broadmoor SC
    Gonera, Adrianna SC of New York
    Lee, Simona Hickory Hill FSC
    Lang, McKenzie Triangle FSC
    Pizzelanti, Briley Panthers FSC
    Maratea, Katherine SC of Southern New Jersey

    JUNIOR LADIES C (SP Rink 2 on Wed.)
    Rivkin, Dalia North Jersey FSC
    Yang, Maria Washington FSC
    Vinci, Madison Washington FSC
    Abdellaoui, Yasmine St-Laurent FSC / Canada
    Svanberg, Brittni SC of New York
    Bergdolt, Kay SC of Wilmington
    Jones, Sydney SC of New York
    Gonzalez-Sigler, Irina Citrus FSC
    Lee, Brittany University of Delaware FSC
    Kurtz, Avery Broadmoor SC
    Andersen, Brooke Nashville FSC
    Buensuceso, Patricia Camille Broadmoor SC
    Laxson, Brianna Washington FSC
    Tsoglin, Artem Israel Ice Skating Federation

    JUNIOR LADIES D (SP Rink 2 on Wed.)
    Gillespie, Claire Anchorage FSC
    Munger, Heidi SC of Boston
    Mizrahi, Ella North Jersey FSC
    Serafini, Olivia SC of New York
    Kubel, Alex-Anne [no club] / Canada
    McGill, Ainsley Charter Oak FSC
    Gosselin, Justine CPA Sorel-Tracy / Canada
    Ruest, Camille CPA Rimouski / Canada
    Mines, Hannah Marie Washington FSC
    Steeger, Amelia SC of Boston
    Shaw, Cassandra Ice Works SC
    Miao, Yu DuPage FSC
    Ardizoni, Ashley SC of Boston
    Phillips, Courtney SC of Boston

    Belt, Caitlin University of Delaware FSC & Johnson, Michael University of Delaware FSC
    de la Mora, Brianna Texas Gulf Coast FSC & Wilson, Taylor Texas Gulf Coast FSC
    Goldberg, Audrey SC of Southern New Jersey & Dolkieiwcz, Joseph SC of Southern New Jersey
    Pearce, AnnaMarie St. Moritz Ice Skating Club & Silecky, Matej The Skating Club of NY
    Shaughnessy, Alexandria SC of Boston & Morgan, James SC of Boston
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    thanks but i am perplexed, what is the difference between senior lady "A" and Senior lady "B"

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    There are too many ladies, typically, for all to perform in one session. So some compete in Ladies A, others in Ladies B, based on a random draw.

    The junior ladies qualify for a final based on the A, B, C, & D results.

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    Or they could have seeded it for more complexity/variety in the flights between A, B, C, and D

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    They could, but at times the flights are so unbalanced that I bet they seed them by when the applications are received. First to A, second to B & so forth.

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    Does it cost any money to attend this event??

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillylionlove View Post
    Does it cost any money to attend this event??
    NOT A CENT!!! It's free admission.

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    are you going to attend the event Sylvia ? And provide us some results?

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    Sylvia, hope you'll be there again! Very nice meeting you last year!

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    Can somebody will post some «Junior» Result and some commentary about the top 3 or 5 skater by discipline ?

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    GO KEEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

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    Sylvia has many results on her twitter !!

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    Hey all

    Any results on the senior ladies events?

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    Does anyone have somes videos of the Senior Ladies events ???

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    Sylvia tweeted the following:

    SylviaUnseen: #2012Liberty Sr Men SP unofficial 1-7: Messing 72.70, Miner 61.93, Mroz 61.63, Choate 61.26, Parkinson 57.49, Campbell 57.42, Aaron 56.11

    Go Keegan!

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