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Thread: Indy Challenge 2012 Aug 3 to Aug 5

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    Indy Challenge 2012 Aug 3 to Aug 5

    Entries are still open, but the following have submitted paperwork

    Christina Zaitsev & Utah Stevens
    Michael Johnson & Caitlin Belt

    Cassie Andrews & Nicholas Anderson
    Audrey Goldberg & Joseph Dolkiewicz
    Paige Lawrence & Rudi Sweigers (yes, they are registered; I thought they had split?)
    Tiffany Vise & Don Baldwin
    Nate Bartolomay & Felicia Zhang
    Lindsay Davis & Mark Ladwig
    Danny O'Shea & Tarah Kayne

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    I've never heard anything about Lawrence/Swiegers splitting - they were supposed to compete in a club competition in Florida last month (they usually spend some training time in Ellenton, FL every summer), but a local Florida article mentioned that Lawrence/Swiegers "did not compete... because of a training injury." Hopefully they'll be fully recovered for Indy.

    Host club site:
    Late entry deadline is Sunday, July 15, 2012.

    SENIOR PAIRS registered so far:
    Donlan/Speroff (S4 at 2012 US Nationals), Castelli/Shnapir (S5), Zhang/Bartholomay (S8), Vise/Baldwin (S9), Bautista/Harris (S12, planning to represent PHI), Lawrence/Swiegers (CAN S3), Moore-Towers/Moscovitch (CAN S4), Steele/Schultz (CAN S5), Purdy/Marinaro (CAN S6), plus the new teams of Lindsay Davis/Mark Ladwig, Kiri Baga/Taylor Toth, Cassie Andrews/Nicholas Anderson (re-team), Tarah Kayne/Daniel O'Shea.

    JUNIOR PAIRS registered so far:
    *Brianna de la Mora/Taylor Wilson (J8), *Olivia Oltmanns/Joshua Santillan (J9), *Audrey Goldberg/Joseph Dolkiewicz (J10), Cali Fujimoto/Nicholas Barsi-Rhyne (J11), Caitlin Fields/Jason Pacini (N2), Alexandria Shaughnessy/James Morgan (N3), *Christina Zaitsev/Ernie Utah Stevens (N4), *Caitlin Belt/Michael Johnson (4th at 2012 Youth Olympic Games for USA), *AnnaMarie Pearce/Matej Silecky (new), Alyssa McDougal/Paul Schatz (new), *Brittany Jones/Ian Beharry CAN (new), Mary Orr/Anthony Furiano (CAN J3), *Shalena Rau/Phelan Simpson (CAN J4).

    * = ISU Junior age-eligible this season (corrections welcomed)
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    See for her series of tweets from Indy. So far:

    They are not announcing scores during the Indy Pairs Senior Short - but impressions - good debut LengLeduc, skating together just 5 weeks...

    ... LengLeduc good speed, 3Salchows & solid triple throw, complex steps. BagaToth solid, 3toes, she had a hand down on throw 3flip.

    Solid from ZhangBartholomay as well - good lateral twist & exciting lift with dificult entry and sweeping drop exit. Too bad no scores!

    Sophisticated nu look for Moore-TowersMoscovitch, lots of staccato movements, difficult transitions i.e. spread eagle on landing of throw...

    Really solid from DavisLadwig - 3Salchows, throw 3Sal (I think), quick entrance to lift, triple twist. Good event so far!

    Not the best for LawrenceSweigers, falls on jump and throw, but excellent lift done at very end of program&fine unison on most of s-s spins

    TothBaga only doing short here, which was a huge improvement over Skate Detroit: "This time, we actually did the elements!" Taylor said -


    Dramatic short for DonlanSperoff, w/fine 3twist & huge throw 3Sal -- very difficult lift out of spirals; she turned out of jump.

    Really lovely program PurdyMarinaro to Nessun Dorma - good speed, 2A's, throw triple out of dance lift, one-arm lift, very polished.

    And FYI, no scores being announced in the arena. Explanation from Indiana World Skating Academy Figure Skating Club page on Facebook:
    "Currently having IJS program is display issues -- we'll start to announce IJS scores here in the arena live, once we can confirm it's fixed. So sorry, we're all bummed too!"
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    Mt/M posted 127+ in the LP. Good to know they're well trained, but I'm already paranoid that they're gonna peak too early. Again.

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    Breathe, Pogue , breathe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaginaryPogue View Post
    Mt/M posted 127+ in the LP. Good to know they're well trained, but I'm already paranoid that they're gonna peak too early. Again.
    Can't blame you but Kirsten looks like a new skater. She's always had energy and speed, but it looks like she's revamped her technique and recentered her body. Her rotations in the twist, throws and jumps are so rhythmic and technical now. It's obvious she knows where her body is in space at all times. She has new authority on the ice, and her line has improved tenfold. Before, they were a talented, athletic team who powered through with determination and adrenalin. I think now they've really grounded what they do so burn out is less of a risk and its clearly upped Kirsten's confidence. She knows she can "do it again." Very impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaginaryPogue View Post
    Mt/M posted 127+ in the LP. Good to know they're well trained, but I'm already paranoid that they're gonna peak too early. Again.
    A sign of a true fan. Think about it this way - as a confidence booster - 2 strong outings pre-season. Check. Have a bad week at the office - have the tape of last year's Nationals handy...I think they will do fine. They are still a new team together and have undoubtedly learned from last year. Can't wait for the GP season to start..

    ETA - I wouldn't be surprised if the team got help with their stroking/lines with Paul McIntosh at KW...
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