Over on a forum I used to be part of for a different topic, there was a game called "baby names love like lose." The poster gave three names and the person had to put each name in one of these categories: Love, Like or Lose. The love and like names went back into the rotation for the next person, and the lose names were eliminated. I just remembered that game and thought, why not do one for skating? One poster will pick six skating-related things-skaters, elements, programs, etc.-that all adhere to a common theme, and then come up with a new theme that fit the Love and Like items and add a new one.


Theme: ladies world medalists 2014-15

Elizaveta, Satoko, Elena

Love: Elena
Like: Satoko
Lose: Elizaveta

New category (real one now): signature spins
Elena's twirly Biellman, Satoko's change-of-direction combination spin, Yulia's split Biellman

Your turn now!