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Gerbodlt/Enbert are injured and will be out for 2012-2013 season,
Maisuradze and his new partner ? I doubt a newly created partnership will really do well....
Nodari's new partner is a young girl but we still have to wait for the Russian Cup Series how they will do

the possible Top 1-4 at Russian Championships
are between Volosozhar Trankov, Kavaguti-Smirnov, Bazarova-Larionov, Stolbova-Klimov

so their direct competitor for 5-6th placement is Martiusheva-Rogonov who also have jump issues.

I wouldn't discount Maisuradze and his new partner, considering how quickly Gerboldt and Enbert learned the pair elements and how successful they were in their first season. I know she is a young girl who was doing singles, but considering how deep the field is with Russian young girls, the chances are that she is really talented, and in December (when the nationals are) they would already be together for about 8 months. That could make them threat enough for fight for the fifth place (I agree with the first four being Volosozhar Trankov, Kavaguti-Smirnov, Bazarova-Larionov, Stolbova-Klimov, unless something really unexpected happens.

There also may be other competitors though. At the moment Lina FEDOROVA / Maxim MIROSHKIN and Maria VIGALOVA / Egor ZAKROEV are having very comparable results at JGP as Davankova/Deputat. Which means that although they are also just juniors, potentially they could fight for their places at Russian senior nationals too. Last year Davakova/Deputat placed very well at senior nationals, so why those other two junior pair couldn't try and fight for the 5-6 place?