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    Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Aug 9 11:30 to 12:15 NBC pm

    1:15 to 1:40 NBC pm

    Is anyone recording it by any chance? I have to go to lunch :( and I am too dumb to figure out how to record with this machine.
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    Would that I could!

    I hope someone reports on it. I hope they show at least some in prime time.

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    I think they will post the replays of the competition online. I'm going to have to watch it that way, too, due to work and other commitments.

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    The standings are as follows:

    Individual AA:

    1. Daria Dmitrieva (RUS)
    2. Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS) - She is the heavy favorite trying to get a second olympic gold, however she dropped the hoop in her routine.
    3. Lubov Charkashina (BLR)

    Group AA

    1. Russia
    2. Italy
    3. Belarus

    This was only the qualification so the standings will not matter during finals. The goal here is just to get to the final.

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    Notes from the individual qualifications, with the caveat that I don't really follow rhythmic gymnastics. I do, however, know dance and what I like in musical expression.

    First rotation:

    Yeon Jae Son who went into a surprise first place when she finished (a placement she kept for quite a bit), I remember as being a performance I really enjoyed, and was delighted to find the judges agreed.

    The gymnast from Cyprus spun the ball on her fingertip for quite a bit like a basketball player, the audience loved it and so did I.

    This is when I started to actually take notes, the prior stuff is from memory.

    Of course, even I know who Evgenia Kanaeva is. And it was shocking to see her drop the hoop not once, but twice. But otherwise, up until that point, her routine was the most exciting, intricate and beautifully performed by far. Daria Dmitrieva performed before her, I thought Daria was pretty good, but not first place good. But again, I don't know rhythmic gymnastics.

    The American gymnast, Julie Zetlin, might have dropped the ball more than once. Even when she wasn't dropping the ball, the routine was tense, sloppy, out of rhythm and her extensions were pretty crap compared to the other competitors. The music sucked, too. It was by far, the worst performance I'd seen at that point.

    Ukraine's Alina Maksymenko came out in the best outfit, a black bodysuit with gold trims, and a golden hoop. Her routine, the music and everything else, however, did not quite live up to it.

    Australia's Janine Murray had a truly charming routine, with lots of original moves. She threw some butterfly leaps in there! She did a spin where she went from a crouch to a stand. She had a habit of holding the ball between her thighs or with them, which was rather comical, but then so was the music and so it worked for me. However, near the end of the routine, she just dropped the ball during a non-element. She had to run a bunch of steps to catch it, and the # of steps determine the deduction. As a result, she's in last place.

    Ganna Rizatdinova from the Ukraine walks out on her toes, like she's a ballerina on demi-pointe. I immediately scoffed, "how pretentious!" But then she started her routine, and my god, she's not pretending to have ballet training, she not only has it, but dances like an truly gifted ballerina with incredible sensitivity towards the music and the movement. This ball routine stood out completely from all the rest as the greatest dance performance. Just achingly beautiful. I don't think the difficulty level was up there, near as I can tell, but the BBC commentators and I agree: artistically no one comes close. The judges, however, vigorously disagree and give her a mediocre 9.2 for artistry. A pox on those judges!

    Neta Rivkin of Israel comes out in an outfit that I can only describe as a swan covered in blood. I brace myself for a morbid routine set to music from the film Black Swan. Fortunately, it's just generic Latin music.

    Rotation 1 over!

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    Oh, man, I hope I get to see this! It sounds tremendous. I wish America would get good at rhythmic gymnastics so they would show more of it on our TV. Thanks so much for the descriptions. I can't wait to see the Ukrainian--well, all of them! The more the merrier, even the swan covered in blood. (>chuckle<)

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    Second rotation:

    Melitina Staniouta with the ball. I liked her movement quality in the earlier parts of the program, but the choreography's a bit too frenetic for the serene music. I don't get it. A great move where she went from a crouch spin right up into a spin in the arabesque position.

    Liubou Charkashyna has a truly lovely performance with ball. Lots of intricate and unusual throws and dribbles, ending with a pretty spectacular catch where she catches the ball while upside down, with her thighs! After a pretty and ethereal routine, Liubou pumps her fist in triumph in the most indelicate way. She earned it.

    Anna Alyabyeva does a ball routine to a piano version of "I Will Always Love You". A really boring and uninspired piano version of the song, mind you. The performance is nice enough, until she dropped the ball, then it gets a bit frenetic. At least Whitney Houston isn't around to see this.

    Austria's Caroline Weber does a hoop routine to Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water!" Heavy metal in rhythmic gymnastics? It's happening! Unfortunately, the performance doesn't quite live up to it. It's mostly staid and pretty and could've been done to any of the usual music.

    16 year-old Jana Berezko-Marggrander from Germany uses music from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. She puts about as much feeling into that sad, wistful music as you might expect a 16 year old to be able to: none at all. I am not impressed.

    Daria Dmitrieva's second routine with the hoop impressed me much more than her first. Full of speedy, and to my eye, difficult-looking tricks. She gets a monster score to go with it. The gymnast who came in as a replacement is now the one to beat.

    Aliya Garayeva does a routine to an instrumental version of Randy Newman's "You Can Leave Your Hat On." The male BBC commentator informs me that this is a piece of music from an iconic British film. The female BBC commentator has no idea what he's talking about. It's The Full Monty! Cheeky selection from the Azerbaijan gymnast, no doubt with her British audience in mind. Alas, aside from one sexy gesture at the beginning, the rest of the routine could've been done to any music. This wasn't even a half monty.

    Julie Zetlin is back again. She does not improve my impression of her one bit. Everything she does looks labored and sloppy, and the flexibility is just visibly subpar. She also drops the hoop twice during the routine. And there's absolutely no musical feeling to her at all. For me, she is starkly the worst competitor here.

    Evgeniya Kanaeva's second routine with a ball that looks distractingly like candy went much better. No mistakes at all, and gets a giant score. I expected and wanted to feel more from the routine musically, though, and didn't get it. There are great tricks in there, but that seems to me to be about it.

    Janine Murray from Australia is back again, this time with a hoop. And no mistakes this time! At the very end, she throws the hoop, and while it rolls back to her, does a butterfly jump right over it before immediately catching it. Very original.

    Alina Maksymenko does a routine to the Mission: Impossible theme. The routine is nicely done and all, but there's absolutely no feeling of danger or intrigue. I liked that she dribbled the ball repeatedly from chest height during a spin (most other gymnasts dribble it much lower while spinning).

    Ganna Rizatdinova, my favorite from rotation 1, comes out to do a routine to... heavy rock music! She was a delicate ballerina with the ball, and now she's a headbanger with the hoop! She manages to keep the character of the music pretty well, although the aesthetics of rhythmic gymnastics limits how far she can go with this. Some really sharp, angular accents at the beginning with her whole body seemingly shuffling around like pile of blocks in an earthquake. The judges give her the same middling artistic score of 9.2. I want her to ditch this sport and join a modern dance company.

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