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Thread: What are your favorite skating blogs?

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    What are your favorite skating blogs?

    There are likely many and maybe more than a few GS ers or FSUers (or hybrids) have great fun skating blogs. I know about Aunt Joyce and sometimes someone announces a blog in Cafe? or Announcements? What is your favorite blog or do we have a list? With the season coming, it would be great o see some funny, unadulterated takes on the seriously funny sport.

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    Aunt Joyce is my first line of skating news. Ontd_skating is good too, if you don't mind the overused reaction gifs.

    The Naked Ice and Dick Flutzn are also very good, but more serious. Sadly, neither are updated often enough for them to be hubs of activity. They're both better as reference materials when the season or competition is over.

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    Axels, Loops, and Spins was my favorite, sadly he's closing down his blog - life takes over.

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    I read TanithandBen fan's blog. There's a link in announcements.

    I also read Mombo number 5 out of, mostly inactive now that her daughter has stopped ice dancing. She is a very funny writer. The back numbers are worth having a chuckle at. I miss her. Ice-dance is a great source for all things ice dance, and runs Partner Search, where skaters that have broken up seek new dance partners.

    I also read some of the more active fan websites for specific dance teams, to keep up to date with what they're doing.

    Iggie runs a great site for Virtue and Moir, and iis interviewing many people who are fans, photographers & so forth over the summer

    and there's a really good fansite for Davis & White

    This is particularly good for having videos, photos, all the reprints of articles in papers around the world, and up to date schedules.

    Right now she has up a link to the Dance Battle from The Ice, the show D&W were in in Japan

    It's fun.

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    What happened to Morozombie? I can't to access it anymore.

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    The only one I ever read is Jackie Wong's blog on

    He sometimes has some really good stuff in there. Last season, he did some pretty detailed numerical analyses on why Patrick Chan's scores were, in many cases, correct--or at least, justified, under IJS--despite people's outrage over Chanflation. And, leading up to the last Olympics, he had some pretty perceptive things to say about the diverging career paths of Mao Asada and Yuna Kim.

    Often, however, his posts simply repeat news already announced on IceNetwork or elsewhere, without much added commentary. I keep reading the blog, though, for the more detailed analyses.

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    Thanks, folks. It never even occurred to me to look for blogs. What a delectable prospect you've opened up!

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