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Thread: Kim Yu-na unveils new programs

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    Quote Originally Posted by skateluvr View Post
    THE DRESS IS STUNNING! She is a beauty for sure. I noticed tho her speed was not there. Yuna needs that and to fly into her 3/3's to make them huge. I know it isn't gonna happen, but her extensions/spirals are wobbly, the edge wasn't strong and I winder if her back is hurting as her Ina is not what it was. Granted, it was never like Shizuka but was more back bend and held out. Still, for a show program, she did some work. The rose position screams Sasha and that bias cut is perfect for her body type. Hated the old dress, love the new.

    Still, the old Yuna must be back to compete with stars who took her place, esp. the Russian horde. She will give her best, that I am sure. Go Yuna!
    Yuna has yet to build her strength and stamina for competition. What we've seen at this show is her in a somewhat-better shape than spring or even last year, but nowhere near her peak form as she has not been training full time. She started to ramp up her training after she announced her return to competition last month, but even she admitted it won't be a 100% effort until after this ice show. She spent the better half of the last four weeks learning her new choreography in Toronto, not actual training/conditioning.

    I believe her speed will build with time, as she gains strength and hones her skating skills, and she'll be able to maintain her speed once she's got her stamina back.

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    Oh, goodness, I hope so. YuNa was such an amazing skater at her peak that I really yearn to see her at her peak again. I know how hard it is to achieve that level of stamina and conditioning. Remember the footage they had of Ryan Lochte leading up to the Olympics, of how he dragged tires down the road to build strength. The amount of preparation it takes to get to that level is astounding. It shows how admirable the top skaters are, for their level of labor and commitment day after day, year after year. I'm so excited YuNa is back in that group.

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    The ATS rink is not that big, so I don't think Yuna had the space to do big jumps (speed and distance) even if she could at this point. What was evident, was that Yuna is looking fabulous and her presentation skills are better than ever. Seeing her do a tango program again as a grown up woman was exciting and the performance was sizzling.

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    I have to say I really liked the performance . I thought she would jump only 2 axels and 3 toe, but that lutz was a nice surprise. I also think, that her leg position has improved, although probably because of that, the layback seemed to be a little slower than it used to be. She did very well considering the amount of time she hadn't trained full time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krislite View Post
    Day 3 Roxanne: Perfect this time!
    Thanks a lot for the link. Glad to see she landed 3Lz.
    YuNa looks gorgeous in that new costume. Black color suits YuNa the best, doesn't it?
    Best of luck to her , and finger crossed she does not injure her back again on its way making a full comeback to competitions.

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    Welcome, Cherryy! Thanks for joining us. Post often, post long.

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    Thank you for the link to "Day 3 Roxanne". Yuna looks stunning and skated to Roxanne beautifully!!
    I am glad we will get to see her compete this season!

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