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    I loved Angela's program choreography-wise. Everything was right to the music, the theme was clearly recognizable, there was a lot of style-appropriate transitions and she had good speed and nice, deep edges. I don't see how she scored lower on TR, IN and CH than Evgenia, whose program was a bit of hot mess as far as choreo and music cut are concerned. :(
    So Young (lovely twizzles and turns) and Kako were also quite enjoyable to watch. Courtney has nice spins and great speed, but I'm not fond of the spastic, flail-y choreo. ^^'
    I'm still waiting for Kiri's and Satoko's SP to be uploaded...
    Miyahara's SP:

    Satoko still has her Poor Technique
    BENT KNEES and Delay rotation is A grave cause for Under rotations
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