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Thread: Free Dance JGP Lake Placid 2012

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    Free Dance JGP Lake Placid 2012

    starting order:

    Warm-Up Group 1

    1 Johanna ALLIK / Paul BELLANTUONO EST
    2 Sara AGHAI / Jussiville PARTANEN FIN
    3 Jasmine TESSARI / Stefano COLAFATO ITA

    Warm-Up Group 2

    4 Lolita YERMAK / Alexei KHIMICH UKR
    5 Madeline HERITAGE / Nathaniel FAST USA
    6 Elliana POGREBINSKY / Ross GUDIS USA
    7 Noa BRUSER / Timothy LUM CAN

    Warm-Up Group 3

    8 Alexandra ALDRIDGE / Daniel EATON USA
    9 Daria MOROZOVA / Mikhail ZHIRNOV RUS
    10 Evgenia KOSIGINA / Nikolai MOROSHKIN RUS
    11 Andreanne POULIN / Marc-Andre SERVANT CAN

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    The first group is on hte ice for their warmup.

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    Aghai and Partanen of Finland lead after Group 1 with a score of 99.91. The Ukrainians kick off Group 2 followed by 2 American teams and a Canadian team.

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    Bruser and Lum of Canada lead with 110.67 going into the ice resurfacing.

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    music went out for K/M, reminds me of Yanovskaia/Mozgov at junior Worlds
    I agree the music cuts were ugly...

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    1. Alexandra ALDRIDGE & Daniel EATON (USA) - 136.80 Short Dance, Free Dance
    2. Evgenia KOSIGINA & Nikolai MOROSHKIN (RUS) - 135.24 Short Dance, Free Dance
    3. Andreanne POULIN & Marc-Andre SERVANT (CAN) - 114.71 Short Dance, Free Dance
    4. Daria MOROZOVA & Mikhail ZHIRNOV (RUS) - 111.49 Short Dance, Free Dance
    5. Noa BRUSER & Timothy LUM (CAN) - 110.67 Short Dance, Free Dance
    6. Elliana POGREBINSKY & Ross GUDIS (USA) - 109.73 Short Dance, Free Dance
    7. Madeline HERITAGE & Nathaniel FAST (USA) - 102.81 Short Dance, Free Dance

    Protocols - Short Dance, Protocols - Free Dance

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    Mao88.. Are you an angel ?

    Thanks so much for these handy dandy links, you've saved me a lot of frustration ,searching back and forth etc.

    I've been under the weather , a rock , the gun , you name it, the past little while..and thanks to you, this afternoon I can just instead of


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    Staring at the ocean and smiling.
    I've watched a lot of these:

    Aldridge & Eaton- Fiddler on the Roof medley

    I rewatched it and the two adjectives that come to mind are "polished" and "powerful" and worthy of seniors rather than juniors. The elements were smoothly integrated into the program. It's particularly impressive that they are never grabbing for each other when they go back into hold after a separation. They seamlessly slip back into hold.

    A much better outing than their SD.

    Kosygina & Moroshkin-Michael Jackson medley.

    The adjectives that come to mind are messy & overwrought. Possibly frenetic & undertrained (unlike their fine SD). They were unable to hold their difficult positions in the second lift, causing it to be downgraded to a level 1. And they were unable to hold their first place finish, following the SD. They have had a good start to their season here, though.

    Poulin & Servant -

    The adjective is puzzling, possibly silly, or if your mind runs that way, whimsical, or entertaining. Poulin had a visible stumble in the footwork.

    For more silliness from me:

    Their program is to The Fantastic Mr Fox Soundtrack

    I found their costumes an odd, odd choice for a program done to music from an animated feature about a fox and his wife whose happy ending is finding a private entryway into the supermarket. P&S seemed dressed to skate to Disney's High School Musical or The Music Man.

    The white gloves were a particularly puzzling touch, and more than a bit reminiscent of the kid's book, "Fox in Socks".

    Morozova & Zhirnov. Tristan & Isolde

    The adjectives are disastrous, tragic.

    Daria fell at the very beginning of the twizzle sequence. The team received no credit for the element. It took them a little while to regroup, but once they did, this was a beautiful, moving program with interesting, creative lifts. I hope they will receive another international outing, but I fear they will not since these disaster dropped them from 3rd in the short to 4th overall behind Poulin & Servant.

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    Thank you Mao88!!!

    And thanks for the recap Doris.

    I agree A/E were the class of the field. They have developed so well over the last couple of years. Their elements were very strong, good edges, quality lines, more complex choreography. It's early in the season, so perhaps that explains why it looks a little "studied" yet. I think she needs to loosen up her upper body to really move with the music.

    I was not very impressed with K/M. Their SD was better than their FD, but they were just ok for me. I really didn't like the FD at all. There was not much real connection to the music, a lot of 2 foot skating, and lots of sloppiness. To be honest, I'm a little surprised they ended up as high as they did.

    I actually like P/S. They still struggle with errors from time to time, but perhaps it felt a bit like redemption after such a disaster at Worlds last year. They have a real maturity and ease to their skating. I thought the soft hip hop was really appropriate in the SD. I'm not familiar with the Mr. Fox movie or music, so perhaps that's why it didn't strike me as strange. Except for the bobble, I thought it was well skated. They have some great lines, edges, and complex choreography. They weren't as clean as A/E, but I do think they belong in the same competition.

    Now, I LOVE M/Z, the second Russian team. They have some real star power. I love their creative lifts, the way they both move (they are well matched in size, style of movement and skill), their presence, their music. The fall at the beginning of the program was clearly a fluke. She looked like she was pretty close to banging her face on the ice. Ugh! But these 2 look really young, and with some time and development, could surpass a few of their fellow countrymen.

    My heart does go out to B/L. Here we have 2 very talented skaters, but they just do not belong together any more. The skating looks more awkward, the lines don't match, her posture suffers as she tries to bend lower, and they just haven't improved that much over last year. Folks, she is going to keep growing taller - in a Kaitlyn Weaver kind of way - especially given how young she is. She is gorgeous and talented, and needs a much taller partner. He needs someone who will stay much smaller. He is exceptional, but they are not exceptional together. Perhaps their coaches may be looking already? I know it's not so easy to find a great match, especially for talented skaters, but hopefully SC and their coaches are looking for both of them?

    All in all, it was a much better competition this week than last. Still too much 2-foot skating and boring choreography for my taste, but there were some stronger teams here this week.

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    I thought this was a much weaker competition than the first one. A/E were so much better than the rest, a very good Junior team in my opinion, though. I agree with Northern Dancers about her upper body, but I notice in their wonderful lifts that her back is perfectly flexible, so it is most likely just a matter of relaxing. Her costumes do not flatter her, and I cannot imagine who would look good in them.

    I was happy for P/S, and thought both programs were charming and light. It seems I am the only Canadian who finds it disturbing when couples bump in to each other, call it a quirk of mine. They are both lovely skaters, look very young, and since this is the JGP, I think they belong in the same competition as A/E, but only in the GP could they land on the same podium. To me they seem very junior, and it is tough to remember that they must compete in seniors at Canadians, and will age out this year.

    As for K/M, their free dance was such a frenetic mess, that I found myself wandering into the kitchen before it was over, and couldn't bring myself to watch it again, so I am no judge of that program. Their short dance was a pleasant surprise, so I was expecting something better.

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