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Thread: How are the US Juniors viewed?

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    I would say there are seven countries that could potentially earn three spots.

    Realistically: Japan
    If their skaters skate at their best: Canada, France, USA, Czech Republic
    Insane Shot in the dark if the stars align: Russia, Spain (both have only one man, but that one man could realistically get silver if he/she gives a SOHL and others flop)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mskater93 View Post
    I was impressed with Dornbush's short at GF. It was actually engaging and entertaining AND he landed a quad.
    Me too. I like Dornbush's skating and watched this program. If he could keep up his technical level, he'll be a top force in US, too.

    I believe if Abbott and Lysacek could go to this coming Worlds, there is a very good chance to win back 3 spots for US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    Dornbush? What has he ever shown on the INTL stage except that he is NOT capable of getting back three spots for USA Men.

    Reports of Johnny landing PRACTICE quads>>>> like we have never heard that before

    Opinions are cool....sometimes the results matter too.
    Well practice quads are better than no practice quads. We'll see if he tries them and/or lands them successfully in his programs this season. Things have changed and I think Johnny knows he's going to need the quad if he wants to have a shot internationally. As for results, Ricky has been skating well and landing quads in competition this summer, we just saw Farris skate very well at the JGP in LP landing a lovely 3a in his SP then backing it up with a 3a-3t and 4t that both got full credit and +GOE in the FS, Ross as someone mentioned landed 4s in his program at Champs Camp and has been consistent with all the other jumps for a couple seasons now, Armin was landing 4t easily in competitions this summer, we know Messing is capable of monster 3a and 4t jumps when he's on, Jeremy could be a World medalist if not champion if he'd just finally skate clean, and Lysacek has already been World champion and Olympic champion so considering all these things I would hope we have a realistic shot at getting 3 spots for the Sochi Olympics....we certainly have the talent in this nation.

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