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Thread: Russian Skating Federation

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    Thanks, the Snegurochka picture is adorable!

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    Well if Irina is healthy then she should be on the team. There's no way I would leave her off. She's the best of all those ladies 3 axel/3/3 combos or not. This is a special situation but I just hope she isn't pushing it too much. I really think she will be back next year (definitely the Olympic year).

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    Originally posted by wvgal57
    Irina is not competing at Russian Nationals. As far as Europeans or Worlds competition goes, the Russian Federation retains the option of naming Irina to the team. If she is healthy then I'm sure she would be asked to skate her programs and then they would decide.

    We do have a new Christmas show picture of Irina up at her website now.
    Thanks for the aforementioned news's good to see your posting here, as well as at the ISU board (even though I don't, lol :D )........and over the years I know if I want any kind of info. on Irina Slutskaya, I need go no further than you (no lie). Looking forward to more news & updates on Irina in future. Thanks, btw, for posting Irina's contact info. over on the ISU board.

    ***Note: thanks, too, for using the same username wherever you post, as do I, b/c it's easier to know whom is talking. JMHO.***

    Peace & Love, Nadine

    P.S. Interesting bit about Ludmila Nelidina that I've been reading on various boards ~ have always thought that the Russian Skating Federation would focus on her sooner or later ~ just thought it would be the former though.

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    Originally posted by Excidra2001
    As some of you know now, Irina decided to withdraw from nationals couple of weeks ago. I believe if she is in top shape to compete at Euro's or worlds, her federation will send her in a heart beat.
    Even the president of the federation was quoted as saying " I wish Irina returns soon".
    Wouldn't it be crazy if the USFSA did not send MK to worlds because she didn't compete at Nationals due to health problems, they would be crazy not to send her if she was prepared to go.
    What I gathered from the TV interview with Irina that appeared on ABC a few weeks ago was that her health was still rather precarious. That is why I asked the question.

    Based on past practice, I can understand that the RFSF would ask Irina to demonstrate that she is in good enough health and shape to compete at the level they wish. They certainly have done that before with other skaters.

    My concern was about Irina's current health and training schedule. If her doctors have cleared her for her normal practice schedule, that would thrill me to no end. I just don't want her rushing back to compete when her health would be compromised. She has been very seriously ill, and what I want for her is to be able to regain her full health in the best way possible (whatever that might be).

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    Thanks, Nadine!

    I have to thank TeamIrina for news updates on Irina and of course Kazushi does the hard stuff at the site -- the forum is my main project.

    I only wish we had even more news to share with folks, I get emails daily about Irina and her training and a lot of times I simply don't have anything new to share.

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    Wasn't that fluff piece on Irina done about 3 weeks ago? If she's already in great shape it was some recovery! No wonder TT returned to Russia for medical attention.
    Good luck to Irina at Worlds. Now if we could only get my girl Sarah into the mix.

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