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Thread: Mahbanoozadeh finds success in the Springs

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    News Mahbanoozadeh finds success in the Springs

    USA's Armin Mahbanoozadeh feels that he made the right decision in moving to Colorado Springs, and hopes for a good placement at the upcoming 2013 US Figure Skating Championships.


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    Great article!! Thanks so much!

    I really, really like Armin's skating a lot. Here's hoping that he has a great season! I do feel so bad that he didn't get 4CC last year, and did I read this right, no GPs this season (urgh, urgh, urgh - that's tough)? But, sounds like he has a great team and training environment; and really importantly, a great attitude! Good for him, and best of luck!!! "bresillient" (sp?) !!!

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    Thanks for this article. We miss Armin on the east coast, but so glad he's feeling good about his training in Colorado Springs. We were disappointed that he didn't get chosen for 4CC, and hope he manages to get a GP assignment this season.

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    I think Armin will be very motivated to prove wrong those at the USFSA who elected not to give him a single GP assignment, while giving similarly-qualified skaters two. I'm rooting for you this season Armin!

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    Thanks for this article. We are so glad to see Armin remains resolute in continuing this journey. Dear Armin, we are rooting for you and wishing you a great success! We believe in you!

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