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Thread: Jessica Pfund & Joshua Santillan

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    Jessica Pfund & Joshua Santillan

    Jessica Pfund (born January, 8, 1998, in Los Gatos, California, USA) and Joseph Santillan (born February 21, 1992) are pairs figure skaters who compete internationally for the United States. The two became a team in May 2015. The pair won a bronze medal in their first ISU competition, the 2015 Skate Canada Autumn Classic International. Pfund previously competed with A.J. Reiss. Santillan was formerly paired with Olivia Oltmanns.

    Biographical Information

    Their ISU bio:

    Their icenetwork bio:

    Social Media

    Jessica's Twitter
    Joshua's Twitter

    Jessica's Instagram
    Joshua's Instagram


    Personal Best Total Score 151.40 ISU GP 2015 Skate America
    Personal Best Score Short Program 50.20 ISU GP 2015 Skate America
    Personal Best Score Free Skating 101.20 ISU GP 2015 Skate America


    SP "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles
    FS Selections from Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin

    2016 US Championships SP
    2016 US National Championships FS

    2015 Skate America SP
    2015 Skate America FS

    2015 Skate Canada Autumn Classic SP
    2015 Skate Canada Autumn Classic FS

    2015 Southwest Florida Fall Classic SP

    2015 Skate Detroit SP
    2015 Skate Detroit FS

    Competitive History

    Competition SP LP Place (Total)
    Season 2015-2016
    2016 US Championships 5 (54.20) 10 (79.59) 7 (133.79)
    2015-16 Eastern Sectionals 1 (45.16) 1 (87.69) 1 (132.85)
    2015 Skate America 8 (50.20) 7 (101.20) 8 (151.40)
    2015 Skate Canada Autumn Classic 4 (50.52) 3 (98.73) 3 (149.25)

    Articles and Other Media

    2015 Interview by "Lutz and Glory"
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    Congrats to them on their first GP assignment! I will be wishing them well this weekend!

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    Josh and Jessica are raising money for some of their skating expenses on GoFundMe; over 400 dollars has been raised in the last 24 hours:

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    Congratulations to Jessica and Joshua on their 4th place finish at Lombardia today!

    I'm very impressed with this pair. I'm disappointed I couldn't get to the computer early enough to see them skate today or yesterday. So far I've found every pair's FS videos from today except theirs!

    I love this pair. I just watched their Evita program from Skate Detroit in July, and it was wonderful ... until the very last element, when a lift came down. Scary. But I'm so glad to see from protocols that Jessica and Joshua didn't have problems with their lifts today. That must be a huge relief and should give them a good boost of confidence going forward.

    But I tried to figure out what I like so much about them.
    (1) I think they've taken Tamara Moskvina's mini-workshops very seriously. They're doing great unison, with their arms especially and also extending out to their fingers, as well as head movements.

    (2) Joshua has serious presence and charisma on the ice. My eye goes right to him. I find this refreshing in a pair and for me it doesn't take anything away from how Jessica is highlighted; she's also a gorgeous skater. Both their extensions seem really good to my (purely) spectator's eye.

    After doing so well at SA last year, two of their lifts came down at nationals, and Joshua in particular was devastated. But he didn't drop her! I'm so glad to see them here; I think they've been working very hard, but also with attention to elements in addition to technique.

    from Skate Detroit July 2016

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