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Thread: Renata Oganesian & Mark Bardei

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    Renata Oganesian & Mark Bardei

    Pair skaters Renata Oganesian and Mark Bardei represent Ukraine. Oganesian was born on Mar 2, 2001, while Bardei was born on Jul 15, 1996. Both skaters were born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

    This pair team medaled at both their JGP events this season and are heading to the Final.
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    I've been following them for a couple of years, they're really promising!
    Wish them all the best for the rest of the season and their career

    Some videos :


    2015 JGP Riga SP
    2015 JGP Riga LP

    2015 JGP Linz SP
    2015 JGP Linz LP


    2014 JGP Zagreb SP
    2014 JGP Zagreb LP

    2014 JGP Tallin SP
    2014 JGP Tallin LP

    2015 World Junior SP

    Ukrainian Championship LP


    Ukrainian Junior Championship SP
    Ukrainian Junior Championship LP

    Ukrainian Youth Championship SP
    Ukrainian Youth Championship LP

    Dolgov Memorial 2012 SP

    Panin Memorial SP
    Panin Memorial LP
    Panin Memorial Ex


    2012 International Challenge Cup SP
    2012 International Challenge Cup LP

    International Kharkov ? SP
    International Kharkov ? LP

    Ukrainian Youth Championship LP

    Dolgov Memorial 2011 LP

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