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    Mao Asada

    Hey, wait a minute! There's no Mao fan fest thread! So here's one. Have at it, Mao fans!

    Has anyone seen her new Swan Lake video? It's linked to in the relevant thread in The Edge. It's lovely, and she looks as if she's well on her way to a good season.

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    Thanks for starting the Mao thread. Her Swan is just breathtaking. Her footwork is so airy and light as if she is floating across the ice and
    her jumps are so much better. Love it!!!!

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    Thank you, Olympia!

    Her new SP is " I GOT RHYTHM".

    Can't wait to see her new SP! Go, Mao-chan!

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    Tremendous news, MG! (Of course I opened it, half asleep, as if I were going to be able to read it...glad you translated. I think I was hoping there were pictures.)

    And here's the program itself!
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    thaanks soo much for starting this thread, I loved her swan program and especially loved how everything is woven together in that program, makes one forget the elements and just enjoy it. the footwork is exquisite, i love how fast it is, and how it interpretion in the choreography fits the music so well.

    I can't wait to see Mao's sp i have to say the music choice is really unusual, and different from anything Mao has skated to soo far.

    by the way another thing i noticed at JO was that Mao looked much healthier, she looked the same as in 2008 and that was really refreshing to see, after seeing Mao soo thin the last two seasons!

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    Oh boy, why didn't I post here already? I'm such a baaaad fan! Huh, so, maybe someone's interested in a very, very short part of what's probably her new SP and looks a little similar to her Mary Poppins Ex?
    It seems her layout is going to be 3F-2Lo, 3Lo and 2A. Given that this is her first outing, I'm really happy about it.

    And I'm already in deep, deep love with this SP! If you add the beautiful free skate (which I've already watched like... 6 or 7 times and which looks more and more lovely to me everytime I rewatch it) this might just become a great season for Mao!
    Time to get the luck charms out and start praying for her, it would be so amazing to see her back at her full potential

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