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Thread: Warmup Sequence

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    Warmup Sequence

    What kind of warm up do you do before you start your skating session?

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    Re: Warmup Sequence

    Off Ice: I go for a run around the arena. If I'm at my arena then I go for about 3-5 laps, if I'm at the off season arena, then I do one lap around the whole building. I then do many leg and ankle stretches, since I have bad knees and ankles.

    On Ice: I do perimeter russian stroking with crosscuts on the ends both forwards and backwards. Then I do lunges both forwards and backwards to stretch out my leg muscles a bit more. Then I do spirals, spread eagles and ina bauers while holding on to the boards to further stretch things out. Then I start warming up my spins, and once that's done, I warm up my jumps.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Warmup Sequence

    I do a little running in place and some light ankle bounces but then I do my main warm-up on the ice. I start with slow and steady stroking, with some nice extension. Then I move to crossover/inside edge, opposite crossover/inside edge (I forget what they're called, but they're one of the moves in the field) and I do them both forwards and backwards (to get my knees moving). Then I'll usually do the double 3s which get me "hot" so that I have to take off all my outer layers.

    At this point, I feel like my muscles are warm, so then I'll go to the boards and stretch out for spirals, etc. I was told NOT to do any stretching like that until the muscles are already warm, and since I'm an "older" skater, this seems to be good advice.

    After that, I may warm up my jumps starting right from the waltz and my spins, starting simple and moving on.

    After skating I have religiously been doing my off-ice stretches from either Carl Poe's book or from the Magic of Style video (because the muscles are REAL warm then and you can extend your stretches farther than when you began). I'm finding this to be very helpful for gaining flexibility.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Warmup Sequence

    Let's see. After I'm all dressed and before I go I stretch a little, run in place (my cat loves to sit and stare at me when I do this). We get to the rink, Dad drops me off, I go in and do some stretching... spiral stretches, Beillmann stretches, etcetera. I do some off ice jumps, trying not to knock any little kids over (heehee), and then go on the ice. I do stretches against the boards and then go out for some stroking. After my stroking's done I work on stuff and when I'm finished I stretch a little more before taking off my skates to go home.

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    Re: Warmup Sequence

    I just pull my legs up over my head like a pretzel and go...JUST KIDDING!

    First it is the lope/jog/run (depends on the day) around the rink....past the skates moms, trying hard to looks like I love loping, jogging, running. I do leg stretches on the floor: stand and touch toes, straddles and touch toes, lay on side and grab foot of extended leg as far up to ear as possible. I stretch the quads by pulling my foot up to my buttocks on each leg. Sit indian style on the floor, keep one leg in front and put the other behind your, then grab the foot of teh leg behind you and pull it up toward your back. To warm up for the spiral I stand with my back to the wall, and bend over, then extend my leg up the wall in spiral position then push to deen the stretch. Ankle and shoulder circles, and deep knee bends.

    On ice:
    Forward backward perimeter stroking, crossovers, and the circles in a figure eight, forward and backward. Edges on the axis - FW, BW. Forward and Backward three turns on the axis. Go to wall and stretch more for the spiral. (I have found that lunges also help me stretch for the spiral). More deep knee bends. I usually practice the moves in the field that I am working on at the time. Then I do light spins from 3 turns. Then from back crossovers. Then I start on jumps from waltz up to my loop, flip, and now practicing for the entry to the axel...more about that on the weekly update. I have also read that you should not do major stretching until your muscles are warm.

    I also do som cool down stretches after I skate, like the ones that I did prior to skating. I have some info on it that I would be happy to send to you if you would like. I got it from my coach, and she got it out of one of the skating mags. Just send me a tell if you would like to look at it.

    OH! I fogot about jump roping (jumping rope?)! That is one way to warm up and stay warm, say in between skate time in a competition also. Hope this helped...I think that I mostly rambled <img src= ALT=":o">

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    Re: Warmup Sequence

    I always warm up off ice first. I walk fast around the rink a few times (although now that I am pretty much healed I will probably start jumping rope again instead). Then I have a set of stretches for all the muscle groups - starting basically from head down. This takes me about 15-20 minutes.

    Then on the ice I don't have to worry too much because I am already warmed up. I do a lap of crossovers/glides (the thing I think Cindy is talking about) and an edge control exercise that my coach gave me. Sometimes I do the presentation exercise he gave me too. Then it's right into my MIF's, small jumps or spins - whatever I'm working on that day.

    Afterwards I do my physical therapy stretches for my hip flexors, quads and hamstrings. This takes another 20-30 minutes. Since I only skate 1 hour a day, I'm stretching almost as much as I am skating :D .

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Warmup Sequence

    Sk8r1964 - Ain't it the truth?! :rolleyes: Seems like I spend more time "conditioning" my body to skate than I do the skating itself! I do remember the days when not only did I barely warm up, but could basically skate all day, every day, with no fatique. Ah, well, anything to fuel my skating passion!

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    I start with jumping rope for about 3 minutes(i cant go anylonger! haha). then i do off-ice jumps. starting with just jumping and landing positions, then go to 1/2 rotation, then whole rotation, then 1 1/2, then doubles. then i walk thru all my double jumps, so i get the feel for them be4 i do them on-ice. then sometimes i jog a little(depends if i feel i need to warm-up more or not). sometimes ill run stairs, which is fun, but a great workout.
    afterthat i stretch, my coach has a series of stretches i do that takes about 10 minutes.

    Finally i hit the ice, after about a 15-20 min warmup. i do stroking in all directions, front and back, and then do a few final stretches on the boards for about 3 minutes, no more. finally i get into the intense skating part, jumps and all.

    when i get off the ice, i like to cool-down with about 5 minutes of stretching, after i get my skates off.

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    Re: warm-ups

    I do a silly looking, but effective routine I was taught in my previous bellydance classes. Arms up and around with wrist turns, and then stretches with arms up to each side, then bend at the waist with hands on hip, then lean back with arms out, then full bend at the waist with arms down. I do eight of each, then two sets of four, two of two and two sets of one of each. The wrists keep turning with each move--necessary for bellydance as there are a lot of wrist movements. The only difference is that in dance class we do it with feet close together. For skating warmup, I do it with feet in a wide stance. I also stretch calves and hams and lower back and do the "leg up on the boards" stretches after I skate for a bit.

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