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Thread: Disson Skating is focus of Int'l Figure Skating article (Aug 2013)

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    Disson Skating is focus of Int'l Figure Skating article (Aug 2013)

    Disson Skating is focus of six-page Int'l Figure Skating article (Aug 2013)

    Last Man Standing // Skating, Singing and Dancing with the Stars: A Winning Formula for Steve Disson” will appear in the August 2013 issue of “International Figure Skating” magazine. The article covers a lot of the history of Disson shows from the past and includes discussion of how certain ones originated.

    I'm trying to be careful not to post any commercial links, but the tweet at the link below will eventually lead to Disson's PDF of the article.

    BTW, the article says that this year, Disson will have four shows on NBC. Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular will be in Jamestown, NY, again. Penn State will be a Disson venue for the first time. Holiday on Ice will be in Jacksonville, FL. (ETA: I see elsewhere on the Disson site that the show at Penn State will be Family Skating Tribute.)
    Superstars in Skating, a Broadway-themed show, will take place this summer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. "We expect to be doing this every year leading up to the 2016 Olympics."

    [I am well aware that some GS members have less-than-zero interest in Disson shows. If you are among them, please simply ignore this thread. Maybe others will be interested.]

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    Steve Disson is indeed the "Last Man Standing" in terms of televised skating shows in the U.S.

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    I know that a lot of people look down on Disson shows, but for my part, I'm grateful for the opportunity to see any skating at all on American TV, and I'm pleased that he gives so many professional (and sometimes eligible) skaters the opportunity to perform and be seen. I'm not thrilled that the camera often cuts away to the singers. Nevertheless, this is a heck of a lot better than nothing. The fact that for the most part these shows are originally presented live in actual venues (not in my neighborhood, alas) is a plus. I'll look for the issue of IFS.

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    I have mixed feelings re: Steve Disson & his shows. While I appreciate that the skaters in his shows have the opportunity to skate, I am disappointed with the TV presentation of the shows. I have e-mailed him countless times about not treating the skaters as afterthoughts when there is a live musical guest. I understand that the musical performer would have terms in his/her contact to show him/her a certain amount of time during the TV broadcast, and have continued requesting the split screen option (to no avail). On the bright side, we've been lucky to have a number of the Disson shows come to our area, and we've gone to see them on the strength of the skating cast. If I had to pick the most memorable one, it would have to be Skating Tribute #1 - The Golden Age of US Figure Skating (Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ - December 2010). The show was incredible live, but 7 worthy programs were "chacked" from the broadcast (thank goodness, these 7 programs were eventually put up on the Stargames (Jerry Solomon's) Youtube channel. We are very much looking forward to the Family Skating Tribute @ Penn State (road trip for us), especially since we were supposed to get that one in Atlantic City last fall (but Hurricane Sandy had other plans).

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