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Thread: Anyone having icenetwork problems?

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    Anyone having icenetwork problems?

    After the first few years of continuous technical glitches, things seemed to smooth out there for awhile. Now when I try to play an event: Lake Placid JGP, International Challenge, Northwest Pacific Regionals, etc. --- the events seems to load, then the screen remains black, or it plays the commercial and then goes to black screen. Content never plays.

    Guess it could be my computer. (But Mens Short at Lake Placid plays?) Have not tried calling tech support yet. I remember how completely futile that was in the early years. Just wondered if anyone else has had a problem. Thanks.

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    I did in the past, and after I upgraded to Explorer 9, which I like very much. (I'm on Windows 7)

    Some things to do:
    1. Clear out your cookies, & other temporary storage stuff from Tools/Internet Options
    IN is a space hog, and you will need all your temp storage.
    2. When you go to, click on the Compatability view icon on the bar where is (it's a little blue button to the right of the webaddress, between the --> and the magnifying glass. If you let your cursor dwell over it, it says "Compatibility view"
    (this eliminates any problem IN has with IE9, going back to IE8 or whatever.
    3. When you login, click the X on the Do You want to display only secure content? I often have trouble if I do anything but click the X. I get some apology about try later. I don't know what causes this.
    4. Your general setting are fine, and your version of Adobe Flashplayer is fine, because the long, annoying commercial about the retiring guy is working. However, your version of Java is needed to go from the commercial to playing the event. Make sure you have Java installed and that it is up to date. You can do that at

    If that doesn't work, come back and tell us what happened.

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    Thanks Doris. Trying a combination of your suggestions and also moving to Internet Explorer seems to have helped. Thanks again!

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