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Thread: Kim Yu-na reunites with former coaches

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    News Kim Yu-na reunites with former coaches

    Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na will be reunited with two of her former coaches this season, her agency here said Wednesday, as she attempts to return to competitive skating following more than a year away from the rink.


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    interesting, but not that surprising as we know yu-na wasn't spending much time in LA the past year. Funny how she always seems to have to have a contract with her coaches...American skaters relationships with their coaches seem much more informal by comparison .

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    There's still some form of contract worked up in the US I'm sure, but not like Kim's

    that being said - she's of a way bigger celeb status than any of our skaters... gotta make sure her butt/image is protected.

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    After breakup with Orser I think it's wiser for them to have contracts with coaches considering how that went under without "contract."

    Interesting choices, though. It's always great to go back to the beginning when you start anew. Best of lucks to Yuna

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    This was predictable, since she needed to stay in Korea for her last college semester, Korean Nationals in January, and 2013 Special Olympics in Pyeongchang in early Feb. I think she's in good hands, as they -- Shin and Ryu -- have been close with Yu-Na since they coached her in the beginning of her career.

    Best wishes for Yu-Na's new team!

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    Hopefully they'll have contract, so she can't rip them off

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    Quote Originally Posted by momskate View Post
    Hopefully they'll have contract, so she can't rip them off
    there's a contract, only up to the world championship 2013. so she cannot rip them off. and it's not like those 2 who known yuna for years since she was a kid will use the media and whine.

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    Reuters article: Kim goes back to school for Olympic swansong

    Photos with the coaches:

    JH Ryu discovered Yu-Na's talent in 1997, and coached her till 2000. He was also responsible for persuading Yu-Na and her parents into continuing with elite skating, when her family were leaning toward quitting it altogether due to financial issues.

    HS Shin coached her from 2000 to 2003, and helped her complete all her triples, except the axel.
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