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    Chen Lu

    I don't know if Chen Lu has a fan thread or not, but I was unable to find one. She is one of my favorite skaters, so I thought I would open one to honor her for all the great beauty she has shown me in her skating and hopefully others will share their views about her performances.

    For me, Chen Lu is one of the most emotionally compelling skaters ever with true elegance, marvelous skating skills, lofty jumps with beautiful delayed rotation, erect posture, and fabulous musicality with outstanding dancing ability that really captures the spirit of the many styles of music she skated to from traditional Chinese music to Rachmaninoff.

    Born November 24, 1976

    Here are many of her performances

    Here are some sites about her and video links to her performances:

    Worlds 1991 LP

    1992 Olympic SP

    1992 Olympics LP

    1992 Olympics LP

    Worlds 1992 SP

    Worlds 1992 LP

    Worlds 1993 LP

    Exhibition 1993

    1993 SP Claire de Lune Skate Canada

    Pirouetten France 1993 LP

    Olympics 1994 LP:

    NHK Trophy 1994 LP:

    Worlds LP 1995

    Worlds SP 1995

    1995 International Team Challenge

    Trophee de France 1995 Rach II

    Skate America 1995 Rach II

    1995 Lalique Trophy Rach II

    Grand Prix Final Spring Breeze SP 1995

    Worlds Spring Breeze SP 1996 Worlds SP:

    one of my favorite performances Chen Lu's Rach II Worlds 1996

    1997 SP NHK Trophy

    Butterfly Lover's Olympics 1998 so beautiful and emotional:

    Adios Ninos 1998 Olympics SP:

    1998 Black Magic Woman Stars on Ice

    2001 Japan Open IF
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    Lulu is one of my all time favorites!

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    I love Lulu so much. She is my favorite!

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    Here are some articles about Chen Lu:

    I am kind of torn as to whether to post these articles because sometimes Phillip Hersh comes across as too harsh, but it has a lot of good quotes from Chen Lu and tells a lot about her struggles, which makes her ability to overcome them by giving such a deeply moving performance in the 1998 Olympics with Madame Butterfly even more compelling. Michelle skated well in this competition, but I really liked Chen Lu the best, especially since the combination of her SP and her Rach II performance is one of my all time favorite overall performances. It is interesting to hear her thoughts and how outspoken she is, though the comments are brief.
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