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    Russian champion
    COR winner
    GPF winner
    SP: Moonlight Sonata fantastic SP again!!!
    LP: Godfather, interesting , the American commentators love it in this time
    ECH winner

    WCH Fantastic intro from ABC/ESPN!!!!!!

    The WCH was in Moscow. Everbody wanted to see his victory!!
    he fell, but he was in great pain in that time, but Plushy didn’t show it, thus the people didn’t notice.
    LP: withrew
    He had bilateral groin hernias. His surgery was in Munich.
    In this year he met with Masha Ermak, that was a big love, and they quickly married. Nobody wanted that marriage! Only the youngs.
    wedding ceremony:


    He recovered quickly, and his first deput was in this show. He didn't need the stick because he healed! Break dance of Plushy!
    Russian champion
    COR winner
    ECH gold medalist
    LP: Godfather ! everybody loved this program, even the ESPN commentators!they said great words about the program! Lyon also adored him, despite the ECH was in France, Joubert’s home country.

    Olympic Champion Torino
    SP: Tosca
    EX: Tosca +encore+Edvin Marton. OMG!
    He was incredible popular!!!
    WCh didn’t compete

    In june of 2006, was born his son, Egor, but they are constantly fighting. Masha was very very jealous,and she wanted to Plushy finish the skating. Plushy moved from Masha , and begun to the divorce fuss. Finally they were officially divorced in june 2008. Masha got a lot of money from Plushy. Masha's father is a very rich business man.


    Plushenko was Sochi ambassador, as Yuna, he was in Guetamala, when the IOC has voted the Sochi Olympic Games.
    In 2007, the London Tarafalgar Square the Russian Cultural Days event. Plushy met with Yana Rudkovskaya. It was love at first sight. Yana is Dima Bilan's agent, who is one of the most famous Russian pop star. Rudkovskaya is working in the fashion business, so Plushy participant of some fashion shows like model.

    2008. Plushy, Dima Bilan and Edvin Marton won the Eurovision Song Contest.
    Some people who love other song, said, Dima Bilan won because of Evgeni. But I love this song.
    from 3:00 Plush is soooo cute! I think he wasn't so happy after winning the Olympics, as it is now.
    But he didn't forget the skating. He performed on many skating show.
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