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Thread: Evgeni Plushenko

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    Thanks to Plushenkonews!!!!

    NewInZurich ‏@NewInZurich 18m18 minutes ago

    Check out these photos of #EvgeniPlushenko & others from #ArtOnIce #Zurich @EvgeniPlushenko
    "Art On Ice Zurich 2016 Off To A Flying Start

    The premiere of Art On Ice took place at Zurich’s Hallenstadion and all went off to a flying start. As usual it’s a great mix of superb skating talent and world class skating.
    We’ll be covering the event in a few posts to give you a better overview but to start with Evgeni Plushenko.

    Evgeni Plushenko

    Evgeni Plushenko looked as if was having great fun on the ice and enjoying every moment. Here are some shots from him in action this evening.

    As an Olympic champion in 2006, a Team Olympic Champion in 2014 , winner of Olympic Silver medal in 2002 and 2010 as well as World Champion 2001, 2003 and 2004 and European Champion 200, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010 and 2012 this guy certainly knows a thing or two about ice skating and it really shows.

    He’s graceful yet nonchalant but with a beaming smile at the end of each sequence acknowledging the audience’s adoration.
    of course, he knows it

    (yesterday, @EvgeniPlushenko - end of "Do it Like a Dude" by @JessieJ) "isabell_varga: #ArtOnIce2016 "

    Art on Ice ‏@ArtonIce 56m56 minutes ago Zurich, Switzerland

    POWERFUL #EvgeniPlushenko @evgeniplushenko is getting ready! 💪 #ArtonIce #ArtonIceMagic…

    Air kisses ... Sasha and dad ) #ArtOnIce2016


    (parts from show - Plushy Jacksons 2:30" + Finale 12:05") Art on Ice 2016 Hallenstadion Zürich #TheJacksons #JessieJ

    (Plushy from 22") Art on Ice 2016 with the Jackson5:

    Art on Ice ‏@ArtonIce 3h3 hours ago Zurich, Switzerland

    #StéphaneLambiel & #EvgeniPlushenko hanging out #backstage before their big #performances at…

    #ArtOnIce2016 After party, Red Carpet #TeamRussia Sotnikova, Nugumanova, Plushy, Yana, Ari

    @EvgeniPlushenko's 3A) "agathe_86: #thejacksons #axel #evgeniplushenko #artonice #love #artonice2016 "

    denis_baldinlight: Balance in the project "Art on Ice" #lightbalance #artonice2016 #jacksons #jessiej #plushenko "

    "Carmina Burana") "__patriciamarti: 👑 💯 mi schlifschuegott😀 @EvgeniPlushenko " nice photo

    chinese article? or blog?
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    (Finally complete good video! #ArtOnIce2016 05.02.) Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - @Jacksons & @EvgeniPlushenko
    Evgeni Plushenko

    is the hugely talented Russian Ice skater. In 2016 he was performing at Art On Ice and here are some photos (with videos to follow).

    All the first photos of Evgeni Plushenko in action here were taken by photographer Geoff Pegler.

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    Thanks to Plushenkonews !!!!

    Plushenko News_Eng ‏@PlushenkoNews 2h2 hours ago

    Art on Ice - Zurich, Lausanne, Davos 04-13.02.2016 (10 shows) - YouTube Plalyist (work in progress):


    Jessie J @jessiej is absolutely on #fire #ArtonIce2016 #Zurich @ Kameha Grand Zurich

    With Legendary The Jacksons #ArtonIce2016 #backstage @ Fitnesspark Glattpark

    Finale " Black and white " ! Jessie J and The Jacksons #ArtonIce2016

    Thank you Zurich ! ✌🏻️ #ArtOnIce2016 Today 2 last shows!

    Ручки потянул ))) #ArtonIce2016 #Zurich

    arizakarian: Brotherhood " #ArtOnIce2016

    "mavis._.williams: OMG!!! The after party show I still can't believe " #ArtOnIce2016

    "lightbalance_official: #ArtOnIce w/ legendary @Jacksons & Olympic champion @EvgeniPlushenko

    Sarynka :

    Stay tuned @EvgeniPlushenko and the legends of music the Jacksons are about to rock the @ArtonIce ice! 😍😍😍😍😍 GOOOOO!

    evgeniplushenko at @artonice @ Hallenstadion Zuerich

    Petr, Javi, Plu on ice at @artonice with @jessiej pics sarynka @ Hallenstadion Zuerich

    evgeniplushenko at @artonice with @jessiej my pics sarynka @ Hallenstadion Zuerich

    Yana Rudkovskaya :‏

    Art On Ice 2016 with legendary The Jacksons and Evgeni Plushenko! #thejacksons #plushenko…

    AbsoluteSkating :

    #ArtonIce2016 and @EvgeniPlushenko "Don't stop 'till you get enough". Stay tuned for more, coming soon on our site!

    @artonice @JessieJ @Evgeniplushenko @xam_trankov @tati_fire_bird @StephaneLambiel

    A--N ‏@ann_kou

    Evgeny Plushenko #ArtOnIce2016 "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

    Consuelo Valoppi

    Carmina Burana +Intro Nijinsky - Evgeni Plushenko - Art on Ice 06.07.2016 8.00pm @EvgeniPlushenko

    sylvia_ch :

    Another stellar performance by @EvgeniPlushenko today at @ArtonIce. Hope he'll be coming back soon!

    (06.02.2016, 2nd show) Art on Ice 2016 Evgeni, Javier, Petr with Jennie J - Do It Like A Dude: … (from 3:29")

    (06.02.2016, 2nd show) Art on Ice 2016 Finale 1 Jessie J - Bang Bang:

    gnom gnomych (Sasha Plushenko )

    and Trankov) #ArtOnIce2016 backstage - @xam_trankov with @EvgeniPlushenko's son Sasha @gnomgnomych

    Это мой игрушечный рай ) 💚

    Мне очень понравились эти механические лошадки -это мое новое увлечение ! 🐺🐺🐺

    Суббота , а значит пришло время послушать , что говорит Саша ПлющенкО @gnomgnomych 😇 @…

    Мне очень понравились эти механические лошадки -это мое новое увлечение ! 🐺🐺🐺
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    Video of the day ! - Nothing beat this!!! The master himself dance infront of you while the jackson 5 sings live

    @pianomaya: Art on Ice 2016 Evgeni, Javier, Petr with Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude: …"

    IFS Magazine ‏@ifsmagazine 18h18 hours ago

    Great show w/ @StephaneLambiel, @EvgeniPlushenko & @tati_firebird @ #ArtOnIce2016 in Zurich. @eelinpaas

    few interesting videos with @EvgeniPlushenko:

    According to Adelina Sotnikova Plushy rested probably with Sasha. But Yana was at the party... good husband

    Plushy's posts:

    Selfie with gnom gnomych We tore the hall yesterday And you went today at a morning training in Monday? -I went to work, Evgeni with Adelina "The final show in Zurich. With our 1st Russian Olympic champion in the history of the women's figure skating"
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    Some news from Plushenkonews

    Do it like a dude" @EvgeniPlushenko #Fernandez #Gummenyk @JessieJ Art on Ice 2016:

    Rocking the Hallenstadion!!!! @javierfernandez @evgeniplushenko and Petr Gumennik! ^^ awesome…

    Inspiration, strenght, power, will. @EvgeniPlushenko: Who else? 😊 In Carmina Burana at @ArtonIce, how thrilling! 💖

    When you are a legend you are both on stage and in real life. The extraordinary talente of these…

    patpol70: #adelinasotnikova and #evgeniplushenko - #artonice #Zurich #hallenstadion "

    Evgeni Plushenko #ArtOnIce2016 " Carmina Burana "

    @evgeniplushenko @jessiej stolbovaksenia @javierfernandez @stephanelambiel @buter_com Meryl at…


    Dear Ira,my friend and teammate,happy B-day!Be happy,our champion,Gerda,mom and true friend! I'm always w/ u,u know! Me and Jackson's Brothers! Thank you, Lausanne, for such a welcome yesterday, I'm looking forward to tonight's show He masters. Carmina Burana @artonicemagic in #Zurich. Olympic Champion @plushenkoofficial. He shows no fear, of anything. And I adore this attitude. Pics @saryynka

    @EvgeniPlushenko Art on Ice 2016 Zürich … - beautiful pics

    I love this collection

    Lausanne 10.02.2016) "olesun: The legendary Jacksons & my all time favourite ice-skater Evgeni Plushenko …" - olesun Tonight I died and my soul went to heaven. ️ Well done Art on Ice, one of the best editions so far! Loved it! What could be better than the duo The legendary Jacksons and my all time favourite ice-skater Evgeniy Plushenko?! ️check out my next post for the answer to that one

    Adelina, Plushy and Sasha


    this is awesome fan art! cute!
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    Tomas Verner:

    Now it occurs far in shows of Evgeni Plushenko. Here Verner is certain that Plushenko would do Eventwell in the last European Championship in Bratislava. "He would show two quadruple jumps in the short program and three in the freestyle. I've seen how he jumps in training 4S, 4L and 4T ". Therefore, considering its conditions, "he would definitely end up among the top 3". Tomas has already twice Plushenko did not believe that he creates his comeback. Now he knows now: "When saying that, he makes it."

    You know my opinion about his comeback... But this is unbeliveable....

    A viewers on Art on Ice show Zurich

    "Tonight's show was really on, compared to yesterday and this midday. Aoi has so many more components than an ordinary figure skating show. Some like it, some not. But the Swiss audience just adores Plushenko."

    "Evgeni Plushenko is so loved by the Swiss audience, that if he would just stand on ice ice, wiggle his hips and do some eye contact, and they would eat from his palm. He really gives 125% to the audience. Like his style or not, you can´t avoid his precence on the ice. And I think in Sunday we saw a 3t-3t-2t, and some 3t-3ts in the other shows."

    New Kings on ice show :

    "Kings On Ice" Sofia, Bulgaria 23.04.2016 -

    Sports hall "Arena Armeec Sofia"

    Официално събитие / Event Page:

    Cast (confirmed until now):
    - Evgeni Plushenko
    - Brian Joubert
    - Adelina Sotnikova
    - Tomas Verner
    - Philippe Candeloro
    - Edvin Marton & "Vienna Strauss Orchestra"

    "Kings of the ice":

    One of the greatest figure skaters of all time Evgeni Plushenko comes in Sofia "Armeec Arena" on 23 April, to bewitch audiences with the Bulgarian show "Kings of the ice."
    And to be even more spectacular in the evening, the famous orchestra from Austria "Vienna Strauss Orchestra" has accepted the invitation of Olympic champion and will perform live music for routines.

    Besides Plushenko, Brian Joubert, Adelina Sotnikova, Thomas Werner and Philip Kandeloro also confirmed names for the show, and the descendants of Johann Strauss will play on a specially built stage measuring 200 square meters, next to the ice rink.

    Over 30 musicians will perform classical music masterpieces and works of violins, violas, flutes, bass, drums and even oboe.

    Besides them on the same stage will see the group of award winning and Emmy winner of Eurovision 2008 - Edvin Marton played with legends like Tsukero, Seal and others. Winner and prize "Golden Violin" which gives him the right to play the original "Stradivarius". Similar violin will sound for the first time in "Arena Armeec".

    Sofia welcomes the Kings on the ice for the first time in its history, and the interest in the show suggests that this will be the last manifestation of Plushenko and company here.

    Evgeni Plushenko for KINGS ON ICE Bulgaria:

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    D'awww, Sasha's football training is so cute! At this rate he'll be headbutting his way to football stardom

    And wow is Tomas Verner serious with Plushy and those quad jumps? Maybe he just had a really lucid dream....

    Anyway! Thanks for keeping on top of all the Plushy news Plushyfan, I'm in the middle of moving house and have fallen behind in my Plushy reading so your posts are very helpful!

    To make this post semi-on topic the 16th February will be the 10th anniversary of Plushy getting the gold at Torino! Good times, good times. I wonder if the fan site has anything planned.

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    Yes, I reiterate anonymoose's thanks, plushyfan - for all the hard work you do.

    The Bulgarian show sounds... very cool.

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