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Thread: Evgeni Plushenko

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    He appears to have ditched Ultra-See-Through (yes, this is what I'm calling that outfit from now on). I am not sure if I approve or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by plushyfan View Post
    (never seen video! 14 years old Plushy in Mishin's camp in Spain) Evgeni Plushenko - Summer Exhibition 1997 in Jaca:
    Woah, when/how did this get unearthed? Well, I guess it'll have to do, for "something new."

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    Even at that early age - 14 - he really had some serious.... swagger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandpiper View Post
    Woah, when/how did this get unearthed? Well, I guess it'll have to do, for "something new."
    Carlos Muñoz Pozo @carlosmpozo · 12h

    @EvgeniPlushenko I've found an exhibition you performed in 1997 in Jaca's Ice Palace in one of my old 8 mm DV tapes
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    "Swagger" is exactly the right word! The guy who uploaded that has also added this group performance of "Grease"

    You can see a couple later versions of the Enigma EX here:

    1997 Grand Prix Final
    1998 Euros

    And just in case someone hasn't seen this before:

    1996 Jaca Summer Camp Ex - Pair Dance

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    Quote Originally Posted by gallavich View Post
    I guess he did "Best of Plushenko" again...when is he going to debut those new programs he was working on? I'd really like to see something new for the Russian Nats gala!

    Plushenko: working on quads and can include them in the demonstrations:

    The famous Russian skater told the details of his program of demonstrations on the Rus Nat in Sochi

    MOSCOW, December 22. / Correspondent / Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko confirmed that perform in shows at the Russian championship in figure skating in Sochi, and does not exclude that included in the program quads. This he told Tass.

    "What will be the program secret until the cutting - said Plushenko. - I'm working on quads, of course. And I do not exclude that include them in the demonstrations."

    As the skater while he is engaged in various ice shows. "I just gave in Turin, in front rental in Courchevel, - he said. - I am glad that our new show" Snow King "runs great. Only in St. Petersburg has sold 80,000 tickets in Moscow - 55 thousand. Soon it see and abroad. "

    32-year-old Plushenko passes the post-Olympic season, but to negotiate with the Figure Skating Federation of Russia opportunity to make a show room at the national championships.

    Championship of Russia figure skating will be held December 25-28 in Sochi.

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    another one

    Regalia of the most titled Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko can be listed for a long time, but the main achievements of the outgoing year, of course, considered the gold Olympic Games in Sochi. The highest award in the team appearances, applause of the crowds and all-Russian Evgeny becomes a hero, riding with serious injuries, but after a few days it all crosses rejection of performances in the individual standings. How to cope with skater blame him negative, how hard was given the decision to abandon the performances in the individual event and who is to blame in this situation - in an exclusive interview with "RBC Sport".

    Editions spend weeks to persuade the PR-service athlete publish the conversation in the form in which it is in a recording, but the success of these efforts have not been successful. And without authorization, "RBC Sport" published an interview in its original form. Unapproved part of the interview in italics.

    - You had a very difficult Olympic season. Have already managed to rebuild and recover not only physically, given your injury, but morally?
    - The season was difficult both psychologically and physically, and health, because it was made before the Olympic Games is a very serious back surgery. Was replaced by a spinal disc was made of a new polymer which is fastened with screws and brackets. I do not know how I did it all with such an injury. Hard when you are suddenly transformed from a hero of the country in absolute anti-hero. Many shouted that he had to go ride, fall, then ride a wheelchair, let him paralyzed. Many do not understand what happened before the performance. Well, he broke the screw, but so what. But this could hurt screw spinal nerve, and all would be really over palsy. This I'm talking to you smile, but then it was quite funny. After all, if I was paralyzed, I would immediately nobody wants to become, in addition to my family.

    - The day helped you to draw conclusions about their environment?
    - Of course I'm glad that's when I knew right away who is my friend and who is foe. Realized that in our country from love to hate is really one step. I experienced all of this for yourself.

    Now it is the time to talk about this should not I, and Figure Skating Federation. After all, many people still ask me why I could not ride, why you no one came to replace, why do not you give way to young.

    Federation is time to open the card and tell me what was written paper at the end of the team tournament. I wrote that I could not continue on his professional career, I can not continue to ride, because I have an old injury inflamed and I got a new one. Why they could not find an athlete who was to replace, why he did not go out for three days to communicate why he did not attend the Olympic Games? Well, did not find it, but why is our second skater has gone to rest, and where was the third skater to replace?

    I missed it all by himself, took the hit, but suffer more it can not. I want to Federation and Ministry of Sports all sounded. Of course, to live with an athlete who was the first alternate, but that's his choice, I'm not particularly concerned. I skated in the team tournament, wrote a paper that I can not continue to perform, but I was not to replace anyone, so I had to ride for them. And then there was the most serious injury when broken screw and continue on speech was impossible.

    - Refusing the day of performances, you had time to analyze the future consequences of failure on the ice and was not up to it?
    - I realized that I could not ride after the jump, because if you've seen, I went to the ice and took a few items, I made the leap into three and a half turns, after which the screw and broken. And even with this pain I went to take the next leap, but then realized that I could not, because the right leg simply refused, and this was accompanied by a wild pain and burning, I'm not up to it. If I played the third or fourth, then maybe I would have pricked, and I have skated, but the doctor said that with a good landing I'd broken the entire structure and would be paralyzed. What is it? Win a medal? Show that here I am a strong hero? As it turned out, no one needs and not worth it. I remember the faces of athletes who face curve. Even in our team. I remember one of the skiers even said that it was all a simulation that was afraid. But there were those who supported me.

    - Those who spoke about the simulation and fear, it was really a lot, but there were those who spoke about the war and the fear of the coaching staff did not show a good result.
    - This is nonsense. I went through four generations of athletes. Who said I was afraid of the result, either the enemy or venal. I went Petrenko, Urmanova, Kulik, Yagudin, Joubert and can they even list and transfer. They no longer ride, and I continue. I could end up a long time ago. I went to surgery specifically to perform in Sochi, as if I was afraid of the result, it would be sitting at home. I have all that I need. Wanted to show that age athlete with such injuries can show a good result. I could not speak, because I could not speak due to health problems.

    - What lives Evgeni Plushenko now? Do you have your own show, and as far as I know, there are plans to open a school.
    - I have a few shows "Kings on Ice" and the tale «Snow King». They all come with beautiful scenery and beautiful costumes. Brothers Safronov for our show created the illusion flying coach, I climb the dome, which was very difficult to implement, given my relationship to height. All my shows are participating top athletes. Our director has done for show full movie that is shown in parallel. I am pleased that we have sold out everywhere. Come Japanese, Chinese and European promoters. Now we are negotiating about twenty shows in Germany. We want to reach the level of 150 shows a year around the world. Of course, we want to travel to Russia, not only in big cities but also in remote places.

    That to my school, then, as it turned out, this is not such an easy process. I went from office to office, voiced his desire to open a school, said that there are coaches who are ready to work. I was told that things are not so simple, if you want to - go, renting ice and trains. So there is a difficulty. But I still believe that sooner or later I opened a school, I want to do it together with Irina Slutskaya, which has long had a desire to train. Maybe it will cooperate and do joint projects. Because I do not want to leave the country, and there are proposals to train in Europe, and in China, even the national team coach suggested, but I say again, I want to be home and raise Russian athletes.

    - Do you have a dream to one day raise the Olympic champion for Russia?
    - The desire is there, but there is not time. It is necessary to make the school that I was there and coached, grow athletes. Time is not too much. I'm here tomorrow I fly to St. Petersburg for a meeting with Japanese reporters, then in Turin, then in Courchevel, then in Sochi and again in Japan. I dedicate myself to coaching later, when everything calms down. A place to eat, of course.

    - How do you see yourself developing male figure skating in the future? How far the athletes to ceiling opportunities?
    - Ceiling - no! Just be born new athletes. My two year old child better than me fumbles in the tablet. So there will be born a new generation will be the new equipment - lighter and more ductile. Now jump several quads, and we did it back in 2002. And now in 2014, and what is happening now - naturally. In the future, all athletes will jump quads necessarily cascades. I then trained all these jumps and now I understand that it was necessary to work in that direction, even if I had to sacrifice one season. We have made a huge reserve for the future.

    - Not whether such an increase would reduce resource load athlete? Load on the spine also has not been canceled.
    - When I started to ride in the Soviet time we did not have any massage or correct technique. If you start doing it from an early age, to teach the athlete should do before a workout stretching is to make a run. It is necessary to do massage and restore ligament. If this happens then the resource will grow athlete. If we have to improve the situation, and not deteriorate, and the coaching staff will attract former athletes such as Irina Slutskaya. May then result will be even better.

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    From this interview it seems Plushy's bad condition on his back was because lack of rightful method for his injuries from young. I wonder about Lambiel and Brian Jourbert, though. Did they have to suffer from terrible injuries as severe as Plushy?

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