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Thread: GS Forum Guidelines and FAQ

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    GS Forum Guidelines and FAQ

    Welcome to the Golden Skate (GS) Forums!

    As a guest on our forums, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

    Keep posts constructive
    Posts are welcomed and appreciated as long as they are constructive. For example, "So-and-so is a horrible skater!" is not a constructive post. An acceptable post would be "I feel so-and-so could improve their skating if ..." The best way to get your opinion(s) recognized is not to be abusive or offensive, but to be positive and communicate in a mature fashion.

    Post in respective folders
    Each forum has a brief description beneath the title. Please avoid posting random and off-topic conversation in the wrong forum as they will be removed without notice.

    No cross-posting
    If you are unsure of where to place a post, choose the single most appropriate forum. There is no need to cross-post to multiple forums. This is a form of spamming and such posts will be removed without notice and could also result in an infraction.

    No "outside" forum cross-posting
    Copy/pasting posts from forums outside of GS is not allowed. You may, however, provide a brief comment with a link to the post. On the same token, we ask that you do not copy/paste posts from the GS Forums to other forums/message boards. Provide a link instead.

    Use the FAQ
    Before you ask a question, please check the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" at: If your answer is not there, feel free to post your question in the Feedback forum.

    Signature files
    Signature files are not enabled on the GS forums as they slow down the time it takes for pages to download. It has also been abused in the past for linking to external sites to peddle services and goods.

    Avatars are the small square graphical images that you see under a poster's username. You must have at least 25+ posts to use avatars in our collection. Once you have 100+ posts, you may upload your own. See our Avatar FAQ for more info.

    Linking to Commercial sites
    A commercial site is defined as a site which sells products and/or services. Posts containing links to solely promote and/or send traffic to commercial sites are forbidden on Golden Skate with the exception of advertisers, sponsors, and/or partnered sites. Posts containing links will automatically be removed. Our partners and sponsors are listed at the top of each forum page, as well as on the right sidebar.

    Linking to News sites
    Links to established news sites are permitted. Examples are: ESPN, CNN, Eurosport, IceNetwork, and Skatebuzz, as well as figure skating organizations such as the ISU, Skate Canada, USFS, etc.

    Linking to Personal sites
    If you have an article or interview that is skating-related which you would like to share on Golden Skate, please do so in the Share It!. We ask in return that you please put a reicprocal link to Golden Skate ( somewhere on your site. However, please do not abuse this privilege by cluttering threads with links to event/competition reports, materials for personal profit (i.e. DVDs, books), and/or other site updates. While we encourage play-by-plays and event coverage, we frown upon posts that simply use Golden Skate as a vehicle to promote a personal site/blog.

    Copyright Infringement
    Do not post photos and entire articles on the forum unless you have received permission from the author to do so. If you'd like to share an article from a news source, a few "lead-in" sentences with a link to the original work is acceptable.

    Skater/Coach Privacy Policy
    Golden Skate respects the privacy of skaters, coaches, and officials in the sport. Golden Skate does not permit or condone undocumented gossip about their personal lives. Discussions of off-ice behavior, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, dating life, etc. should be limited to what has been publicly disclosed by the skater. While speculation is one thing, accusation is another, and is considered slander.

    Please use correct spelling of names
    Please do not combine, abbreviate, or otherwise change the spelling of a skater or teams name.

    General Conduct

    1. Abuse will not be tolerated.

    No flaming, harassment, trolling, ranting, profanity, abusive language (or abbreviations), personal attacks, character assassination, or discrimination. This applies to both "public" threads and private messages. Do not link out from a post or private message to these types of content.

    • Flaming is defined as attacking others in harsh, negative, and/or personal terms.
    • Harassment is persistently targeting a poster/skater for ridicule.
    • Trolling is defined as deliberately posting derogatory and/or inflammatory posts in order to bait other users into responding.
    • Ranting is posting negative, irate, and/or unconstructive (usually vague) comments. This is considered a form of trolling since ranting usually results in flame threads with little or no constructive information.
    • Profanity is the use of abusive, vulgar, or irreverent language.
    • Personal attacks include, but are not limited to, "calling out" posters, insulting a poster directly or indirectly, name-calling (i.e. bots and ubers), etc.
    • ​Character assassination is an intentional attempt to influence the portrayal or reputation of a particular poster/skater in such a way as to cause others to develop a negative, unethical, and/or unappealing perception of him or her.
    • Discrimination is posting comments that support or espouse hatred towards another individual or group based upon any criteria (including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, ethnicity, etc.).

    2. No spamming

    Spamming are posts which do not contribute to the forums, such as advertisements, duplicate posting, surveys of any kind, and cross-posting.

    3. No "I Demand Answers" threads
    Posts or PMs to the forum administrator or moderators that make threats, use combative language, and/or are demanding in nature, will be removed without notice.

    4. No proxy posting
    Posting on behalf of a banned user is not allowed.

    5. Invasion of privacy
    Posting personal information pertaining to another member and/or skater is strictly prohibited.

    6. No Conspiracy Threads
    Threads that make groundless claims about the GS Forum and/or staff will be removed without notice.

    7. Bad Word Filter
    The GS Forum is rated "Teen" and is therefore censored for language. Any attempt to circumvent the "bad word" filter will not be tolerated.

    8. Respect the opinions of others
    Arguments can’t be won. If you have a contrasting opinion, please state it simply and clearly. If necessary, agree to disagree with others who may have differing opinions. When discussions turn into long, hostile arguments, the thread will be closed or removed and instigators will be rewarded with an infraction.

    9. No "rule circumvention" threads
    Any poster we feel is trying to find some loophole to get away with disobeying the rules of the forums, in fact or in spirit, will be banned.

    10. No "Legal Action" threads
    Using the forums or PMs for encouraging, promoting, endorsing, or inciting any kind of legal action against anyone is strictly prohibited. Such content will be removed and the poster will be banned.

    11. Posting spoilers
    Please be sensitive to the fact that others do not want to read spoilers. We appreciate that people may want to discuss topics they enjoy, but purposefully attempting to ruin another's enjoyment by posting spoilers is considered malicious intent and will result in being banned. Please keep related posts to the appropriate thread(s) located in the Event forum.

    12. Infraction system
    The GS Forum uses an infraction system which works as "three-strikes-you're-out" rule.

    13. Post reporting
    The GS Forums strive to keep a fun, informative and interesting place for lively discussion. If you see a post that offends you personally, it doesn't mean that the post itself has necessarily violated any guidelines.

    There will ALWAYS be posters who are less sensitive than others. Also keep in mind that there are language and cultural differences on the forum due to a wonderful array of posters from all over the world.

    Before reporting a post, we ask that you review the guidelines herein to ensure that the said post is indeed in violation of a rule(s).

    Do NOT post to (or address a thread) before you report it. You may end up finding yourself in violation with your own response!

    Always remember: Do Not Feed the Trolls.
    While the staff does not respond directly to the individual who reports a post, please be assured that we will review each and every one and take action if and as needed.

    In addition, the staff does not need to explain their decision(s) to the reporting individual or poster in question. However, if and when a poster receives an infraction, they are notified of the reason by PM.

    14. No complaining to moderators
    Do not email or PM moderators your complaints. They will be deleted. Please use the Post Reporting feature.

    15. Post/Thread editing
    Part of the moderators responsibilities are to scan thread titles for possible editing for quality assurance, misspellings, etc. Do not take offense if you find that your title has been altered. If we feel a current title will more than likely initiate flames wars, trolling, etc., there is a good chance it might be edited. On the other hand, a 'good' thread title might be shortened so that it can be used in a newsletter or other source.

    16. Going off topic
    Please try to stay on topic of threads. While we understand many discussions can lead to others, you can always start a new thread.

    17. Excessive "bashing" of skaters.
    Everyone has their favorite and not-so-favorite skaters. Please be constructive with criticism. Persistent, repetitive, unrelenting and pugnacious denunciation of skaters is not welcome.
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    "Why" FAQ

    Q: Why was my post deleted?

    A: In most cases, posts are not deleted, but are moderated instead. Moderated posts are “hidden” from the public and are only viewable by moderators.

    Q: Why was my post moderated?

    A: Posts that are moderated are those which the moderators (as a team) decide do not belong in a forum. See Guidelines.

    Q: Why does “XYZ” moderator always moderate my posts?

    A: Decisions are made collectively by all the moderators as a team.

    Q: I sent “XYZ” moderator a private message about a problem I’m having, but he/she has not responded.

    A: Moderators are not permitted to respond to private messages and emails for complaints due to conflict of interest. Complaints are to be sent through the “Report Post” feature so that each situation can be reviewed thoroughly by all the moderators.

    Q: Well, why wasn’t something done about my problem?

    A: The GS Forum uses an "Infraction System" in which posters receive warnings and/or penalties based on negative behavior/posting. These infractions are not viewable to the public.

    Q: Why does “XYZ” moderator always "infract" me?

    A: Warnings and infractions are decided by the entire team of moderators.

    Q: What are my other options if I have a question?

    A: The Feedback folder is the place to ask questions. Please be specific with questions as other posters may benefit from them as well. You can also search the forum FAQ.

    Q: Why was the title to my thread changed?

    A: Forum discussions are tied to into other feeds throughout the site, and depending on the length of characters used, we may find it necessary to shorten the title. In some cases, similar threads are merged together and a title will be edited to reflect the content overall. Sometimes we come across a thread which we find would interest others and is therefore used in the GS weekly newsletter; if so, a title revision may be necessary.

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