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Thread: Favourite programs this season so far

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    Too soon to tell, but my top two will be V/M's FD and Jeremy Abbott's LP. Both are superb pieces of figure skating poetry.

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    1) Patrick LP

    1. Wagner
    2. Asada
    3. Suzuki
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    Yuzuru Hanyu SP
    Takahiko Kozuka SP&LP
    Patrick Chan LP
    Jeremy Abbott SP
    Denis Ten LP
    Tatsuki Machida SP

    Mao Asada LP&EX

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    Mao LP!!!!
    Kirra SP, finally I see her as a beautiful skater, not a beauty struggling on the ice, good for her!
    Elene G SP! Very emotional, controlled, and big jumps.
    Zijun Li, SP. haven't see the LP yet, but I'm prepared for a good season from her!

    P/T SP LP
    S'S SP

    Patrick Chan LP, and SP
    Dai Ex
    Hanyu SP
    Javier LP
    Oda (please learn to count this year

    D/W SD
    The Russian team at coc FD with that modern feel dance
    C/L's SD
    V/M SD looked good when I watched, but can't remember a thing now. Hate their LP at the beginning, but almost love it at COR. I think Tessa adjusted her facial expression for the first part of the program, making it more seductive than vampire-like, which is so much better IMO. There is still someting I don't understand, the side by side weirded hands/arm movement in the middle part of the program, feels so out of place to me with the other portion of the program. hope somebody who understands the choreography enlightening me. but in general, this is a very intense powerful program. T his is going to be one of the best Carmen I believe now.

    the French champs P/B 's SD
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    I really enjoyed Ross Miner's new programs a lot, especially the long
    Ashley's free is going to be amazing as the season progresses

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    So Far what stuck was Abbotts LP-gorgeous if he stands up. Akiko's LP is fab, Mao'sLP is Fab...Ashley's needs work and a new dress. Javi's Chaplin is quite good and I can't say nuch about pairs/singles as what i saw vanished-watched little. I havent see Rippon. I do however truly like both Mirai's -she is more like her old charming self. No one else made an impression if i watched.

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    For me:
    Men: Abbott's LP, Fernandez LP, Hanyu's LP, Blade's EX rocks!
    Ladies: Mao's LP, Marchei's SP, Wagner's LP
    Dance: C/L's SD, B/S's SD, P/B's SD/FD, W/P's FD, H/D's FD (SD growing on me-like the flow), D/W's SD
    Pairs:V/T's FS, P/T's FS
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    For myself:

    Kanako Murakami SP - singlehandedly made a small fan out of me, where before I wasn't crazy about her. Lovely and touching with an unusual layout. Starts with step sequence and has her 3-3 near the end.

    Patrick Chan SP - just gorgeous.

    Mao Asada LP - beautiful.

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    Pechalat/Bourzat FD
    Virtue/Moir FD
    Gilles/Poirier FD
    Denney/Coughlin FS
    Wagner FS
    Chan FS

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    I am now ready to join this thread, with a fairly short list:

    Akiko's programs. I Akiko and can't believe I forgot to mention her at first for my dream podium.
    K/S's programs, they are under-appreciated at the moment.
    C/L's and P/B's SDs. Superb costumes, too.
    Joubert's LP, though he'll have to skate it much better for it to work.
    Dai's EX - why oh why do so many skaters only go to Miyamoto for their exhibition programs?

    The end. What a disappointing season so far.

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    Kozuka's Sound of Silence exhibition

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