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Thread: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    OK, I'm a rebel and I just HAD to change these weekly reports so they begin on a Sunday, the true start of each week. Hope no one minds.

    But since you're reading this on a Monday, tell us whether your skating is going great (ducky) or not too well (sucky).

    We wish you great skating!

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    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    OOOhhh! I only have 10 minutes to post before this week is up! (Nevermind...I moved it to this week)

    RACHEL: Do not despair on spins! I thought that I would never be a spinner. Just keep positive self talk, and practice. And make sure that your coach is really giving the input. Mine at the time was just pacifying me, and not making me work. Then after getting input from some other coaches, it all came together. Spins are fun, especially when you get them down then experiment with new ones. You will get it...just takes practice and patience. Good job on the hard work. I am so remember when I was learning the things that you are. I really felt like I was getting somewhere, and here you are heading to great places with your skating! Keep up the good work!

    LANIE: Thanks for the photo of the catch foot spiral! I went to the rink, and one of the skaters there demonstrated one for me...very pretty. I am fairly flexible, but I was wondering if there are any exercises the you do to encourage your body to get to this position?

    CINDERELLA: Thanks for the comfort on the video. I was mortified when I saw my butt on video for the first time. For one, no one ever explained "skater bootie" to just sort happened. Whoa! Where did that come from? I will be overlooking my behind in the next video and focusing on my skating.

    SK8ER1964: You mentioned something very important...core muscle control. Never crossed my mind that would impact my ability to keep my head off the ice. Normally I miss the ice with my head. I will be keeping those core muscles in mind, and working on them as well. You mentioned Lake that Adult Nationals? Is that ISI? I am still trying to get a hold on this competition where, when, who, how, etc.

    I got my humiliation for the week out of my system with my head crash to the ice on Friday.

    PROGRESS: I was working on my loop and one of the other skaters that is high level helped me out with timing entrances, then just the jump, but thinking about the entrances in my mind then doing the loop. It actually worked. She also helped me with my sit spin. I was not very inspired with myself this week.

    QUESTION: Does anyone else out there besides me feel stagnated with progress when you are only working on MIF, or just elements? I feel lost without a program to work on as well. I am hoping that we will start working on FS4 program next week.

    I am helping out with skate camp this year for the kids. That is next week, and I am looking forward to it. I don't skate again until Wednesday. Have a great skating week, and I will be checking!


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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    GLACIERSKATER - sorry for the "time warp" confusion. It was just too odd to me every week to try to start the week with a Monday date. Maybe it's because of the way my calendar is laid out! :lol:

    I'm not really the one to answer this, but I suspect that whoever asked this post be moved did so because The Edge is where observers, fans, skaters and others talk about OTHER people's skating (like the pros, famous amateurs, the up and coming). Lutz Corner is where the "actual" skaters and coaches are supposed to post and to talk about THEIR OWN AND EACH OTHER'S skating. In my head, I always think about it more like The Edge is for fans of skaters/skating (many of those people do not or no longer skate), and Lutz Corner is for people who are currently skating or coaching. Not that there isn't some crossover in the postings, but hopefully you get my drift.

    As far as your question about MIF, I worked solely on them and individual elements (jumps and spins) for a year (in order to get myself back up to speed after my 30 year hiatus). I was starting to go stir crazy and agree that it is really a nice change of pace (and mroe challenging) to have a program to work on as well. From now on, I hope to always have one or two programs that I can turn to in times of "boredom."

    After every skating session, I jot a few notes down about how I did and make a list of things to work on at the next practice(s). This has proven very helpful to me, because sometimes when I'm on the ice I conveniently "forget" to work on things that are hard for me. <img src= ALT=":o"> It helps keep me "honest" with myself about how hard I am working.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    DUCKY - I had a fabulous practice session this morning and was VERY pleased with my program done to music (much more relaxed and artistic than Friday's version). I practiced all the clockwise moves and felt like they were not fabulous, but solid.

    SUCKY - I took a stupid spill doing a small footwork segment and somehow landed on my left hand (previously fractured wrist) and my left butt cheek. The butt cheek hurts so much, but since it's not "broken," I was hoping beyond hope that I had not similarly "broken" my wrist.

    No such luck. I've fractured my scaphoid (a small bone in the fleshy part of the thumb, but still technically part of the wrist) and they've casted me again. This time it's a bulbous thing with the thumb immobilized. Sheesh. I just got my other cast off on May 1 and now I'm casted up again.

    Total bummer. Of course the ortho doc thought I was nuts when I asked him to draw on my arm to give specific instructions to the assistant who was going to cast me as to how long and big it could be so that I can still skate/test on Friday. (Actually, more truthfully, I pushed for the smallest, lightest cast possible. It still weighs a ton and is very awkward.) It hurts like heck at the moment, but it should settle down by tomorrow (I hope).

    Can you believe this? He said it was a freak thing and just bad luck. I should not have broken anything. My original fracture is completely mended and looks awesome. I have great bone density and am fit.

    Oh well, maybe I can get the judges' sympathy votes?

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    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    I've completed the coaching course, and I'm on my way to becoming a professional coach. I the attended NCCP Level 1 Phase 1 course. The group I was with was VERY diverse. There was one guy who had come in 3rd at the Novice level for Ice Dance at Nationals last year, and a girl who was on the team that came 3rd at Synchro worlds 2 years ago. There were a few more competitive skaters and many recreational skaters, like me. The course conductor was a coach who used to coach at my club, so it was nice having another familiar face there.

    Day one was a basic intro to coaching skating. We received a technical manual for tests at the Primary level (Preliminary and Jr.Bronze tests), as well as a Canskate manual. We had group interviews on why we were coaching, and the experience we had with children. They were informal and they were a good way to get to know the rest of the group. We had a lecture on the ethics of coaching, and learned about the basics of evaluating and assessing skaters during a lesson. We were on the ice for an hour on the first day to be assessed by the course conductor on our individual skills. We skated forwards and backwards in each direction, did crosscuts around circles and did some simple turns. We worked in groups and discussed different ethical scenerios that coaches sometimes face (like students switching coaches), and how to handle them. I don't remember what else we did that day, but it was mainly on the basics of coaching.

    Day 2 shifted the focus more onto the Canskate program and how to teach it. Our on ice session included reviewing the elements on each stage in the program, and we learned effective ways to teach those elements. We also did a mini-lesson on how to do different turns, such as choctaws, rockers, counters, brackets and of course 3 turns and mohawks. We also got into groups and did an action song to either the Birdy Dance, the Macarena and the Hokey Pokey. Those were rather interesting. Back in the classroom, we went over how the Canskate program is delivered, organized, planned, assessed, etc. We watched a video on it, and learned about the professional coach's role in the program. We also watched a video that was done at the National Championships this past January in Saskatoon. It showed many interactions between coaches and skaters, and how winning and losing affected relationships. It was a very well done video. It was kinda neat to see a girl from the class in the video as well.

    Day 3 continued focus on the Canskate Program. We all were assigned a part to do for the session, and once on ice, we had a Canskate session, minus the Canskate skaters. A group did the warm up, a few groups taught the different stages, a group did the group activity and a group did the cool down. We then had fun doing relays and played hockey as a reward for our good work. When back in the class, we did presentations on things that parents of new skaters should know, like equipment care, the parts of the program, rewards and incentives, coach selection and training, and we even had a mock parent orientation that was quite amusing. We then got our home study guides for Phase 2 and then went home. It was a very interesting 3 days, and I really learned a lot. I now have to complete the course assignment, which includes questions about the Canskate program, creating lesson plans for certain elements and stages, and conducting an interview with my mentor coach to learn about her style of coaching. I also have to make a tape to use on a Canskate session as well.

    I begin Phase 2 this week, with my mentor coach. I have to observe 10 freeskate, 10 skill and 10 dance lessons as one of the components of completing Phase 2. There are other things I need to complete, such as a parent information sheet, a sample bill, a resume and cover letter, music for a Jr. Bronze level skater and complete the questions in the Phase 2 booklet. If anyone has questions wanting to know more about what we talked about in the course, or about the steps to become a coach in Canada, just ask, and I'll do the best to answer them. In the mean time, Happy Skating!

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    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    OH CINDERELLA! I cannot believe this! I am so, so sorry that this happened, and on test week. What a bite! You are going to still test, right? I would. I just don't know what to say.

    Did they give you anything for the pain? You probably could not take anything before skating, but up to that day, you could. I am so sad for you |I

    Can you type with both hands, or are you reduced to one hand typing? Please keep me posted on this week. I will be helping with skate camp, and will check the mail. Oh, Cinderella...

    What an awesome thing you are sharing. I am very impressed with you synopsis of the course thus far, and how much they go through. I wish that our coaching staff was that thorough. I am so envious that you are doing this. I don't have a background in skating, stated doing this about 3 years ago with a coach. I always thought that it would be neat to coach, but don't feel that I have a solid foundation to do it. I do volunteer for Learn to Skate though. It sounds like you are going to get a good education on all aspects of our sport. Please continue to share you experience. I love it.

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    Ducky/ Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    Oh Cinderella! What awful luck . Hopefully you will still be able to test, if not this week then next month. Be careful - the long term goal is more important than the short term goal - we want you at AN but not at the risk of getting hurt more. However, if you feel up to it then....GO FOR IT AND GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Glacierskater - the AN I keep mentioning is the USFSA comp at Lake Placid. Good job on the loop - it's one of my favorite jumps.

    Starshine - glad you had such a positive experience - I bet you will be one terrific coach!

    Let's see....I have my lesson tomorrow, but here's one "Ducky":

    I did a flip last Saturday that covered 6 feet of ice. I didn't believe what I was seeing on the footprint, and wanted to see how far I went, so I laid down on the ice, put my toepick on the toe-in spot, and looked up (yes, I probably looked weird but it was just me, my son and one other lady on the ice at the time). There was at least 6 inches between my head and my landing tracing, and I am 5'5". So that was a 6' jump - wow. It felt wonderful, of course. Doubles here I come?????

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    Re: Ducky/ Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    I was in Spokane (eastern Washington state - where Skate America was last year! Unfortunately I wasn't as rabid a skating fan a couple years ago so I didn't know about it in time to go) this weekend visiting family and also the college I'll be attending (Gonzaga University) and I tried hard to go skating but the times never worked out. However, I did plan my visit around a little competition at the rink I'll be skating at. It was the Jo Williams Memorial Cup, and all the skaters were from clubs around Washington state or Idaho. It was pretty interesting, the first competition I've been to. There were a lot of little girls with great jumping power but no presentation skill, but there were a few gems. There were a couple adults, which was great to watch, and an 18 year old guy that skated both singles and pairs (novice for both) who was pretty good. Anyway, that put me in a "skating mood" and I was excited to get back on the ice that week. I didn't have a very good session today. Ah, well.

    Ducky: I forced myself to work on crossovers today and I felt pretty good, able to go faster than I could before w/o feeling scared. Same w/ back ones, except only in the CCW direction. I try to go clockwise and I can barely pick my foot up. But still, I'm feeling a bit more graceful at this, so that's good.

    Sucky: Nothing really seemed "on" today and I'm not sure why. I think I need to start skating more frequently to avoid the "hey this doesn't feel good I thought I knew how to skate" feeling for the first few times around the ice. I dunno. I'm wondering if it was my blades (which doesn't make sense because it hasn't been that long since I got them sharpened) or the ice, but I kept skidding. It was I couldn't grip the ice; my foot slid out from under me on crossovers a couple of times. Plus I think I've been spoiled by sparse attendence lately - there were a few more people at this session, and I didn't feel as comfortable, especially when some of the kids began racing with lunges and shoot-the-ducks across the length of the ice. I did two waltz jumps and didn't do any more for the whole session, didn't try any spinning whatsoever, and even my stroking felt off. I felt like I was fighting the inside edges the whole time - again, I think it was because the ice felt weird or something. It wasn't terrible, but I felt kinda bleh. I know every session can't be wonderfully exhilirating. I even left early this time, and didn't skate the full two hours like I usually do (not until after I forced myself to do five more laps of stroking, though). I think I'll ask Joy tomorrow about my difficulties today. I only have two more Basic Skills classes! Time has really flown by. I'll be back tomorrow with a report of a good session, let's hope.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    STARSHINEXAVIER - Awesome recap of your 3 days. I'm just amazed at how much you crammed into that short time. I am sure you're going to be an excellent coach. We can tell from your posts here that you possess a maturity and wisdom beyond your years. Your skating experiences will give you just the right touch of "having been there" and all your students will find you a warm, enthusiastic, credible and knowledgeable coach.

    GLACIERSKATER - Oh, absolutely, I will still be testing on Friday. I'm sure that my wrist will stop throbbing by then, and even if not, the test itself doesn't really last that long, so I'm sure I can get through it o.k. I feel like I've prepared for it so much both mentally and physically that it would do me more "harm" to miss it. Since I'm on such a tight testing schedule, I'd like to have as much time as possible to retest if necessary at the end, not here at the Bronze level. Thanks so much for your good wishes. I need them all and they make me feel stronger!

    SK8ER1964 - INCREDIBLE flip jump. That is just amazing length from take-off to landing. I was laughing because the other day I wondered about mine, but there were too many people to lie down like you did. However, I'm sure that I was nowhere near 6'. Maybe 4 or more. You are the FLIP QUEEN! Isn't it amazing what you can learn from the footprint? Can't wait to hear more. Oh, P.S., I can type two-handed but it just wears me out after only a few minutes. And the thumb is just kind of hanging out there uselessly. Luckily it's my left hand.

    RACHELSTARLET - Don't despair, we all have days like you've described and they do not spell the end of your skating career. First of all, it's possible that the ice WAS funky. Sometimes if it is too cold/hard, it can be very difficult to grab a good edge. If it's too cold in the rink itself, the blades don't melt the ice and you don't hydroplane the same. Or sometimes the opposite, if it's too soft and there's too much hydroplaning. Also, depending on how they finished it, it might have had weirdnesses underneath the surface that were affecting you.

    It's also possible that you were experiencing some stiffness (less knee bending), which made the angle of your blades too perpendicular with the ice. Anyway, it sounds like you made the best of it and were smart to quit a little early and call it a day. You still got in some waltz jumps, some good crossovers in one direction, and there's always another day to do better.

    I know it's a bummer, but sometimes I have some of my best practices after I've had some of my worst. Carry on!

    DUCKY: Despite a horrible night of torrential rains, unending thunder, and amazing lightening (meaning that our two dogs "with issues" were just crazy with fear and we didn't get to sleep), I had a great skating practice this morning.

    My injured wrist is still killing me, but I was able to complete small portions of my program, working on the arm movements and footwork (I skipped all but the small jumps) and then I worked on all my Moves in the Field. My lesson went very well, and my coach feels I'm ready to test. We agreed that the judges might be curious about the bulbous cast, but perhaps they will have sympathy.

    Tonight I will do my stretches and get to bed early, because a healing girl needs her sleep!

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    Ducky/Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13-7/19

    Rachelstarlet: We all have those days - and they are, well, "sucky". If you feel that you are slipping in more than one session, don't count out needing a sharpening. I find that if I'm doing a lot of power circles (crossovers), I seem to get duller faster than if I'm just doing freestyle.

    Cindy: You go girl! Best of luck to you - I'm sure you'll do fine. Lake Placid here we come!!!!!

    So, for my lesson today (and I have to admit that this is a copy from another forum - I'm quite tired tonight, so please fogive me <img src= ALT=":o"> ):

    Ducky: Did an axel-toe today :D . I think that we have a good technique correction that will make the double sal & double toe feasible instead of frustrating. Set a test timeframe for the Intermediate MIF's.

    Sucky: I was quite tired and wilted from heat at the start of my lesson today. It didn't help that we had some extreme rudeness out on the ice. I had moved my power circles (in my lesson, btw) to accomodate somebody doing spins in the center during their lesson. Well, on one of my power circles, they decided to move over, and skated right through my line of crossovers, not even doing an element - just skating. I bailed, because if I hadn't I would have been in a collision. Then I went back to my coach, said a word I haven't used a whole lot since my Navy days, and skated off to calm down. :evil: : :evil: :

    I know it wasn't deliberate, just thoughtless - I'm not the first person this has happened to on this session, and it has happened to me before too. I don't have a problem with somebody being in an element having the right of way - in fact I hope that others have the courtesy to give me the right of way in an element. It's just that, if I'm in a pattern or element, I certainly expect to have right of way over you if you are just starting an element or are just skating around. I am going to have to say something next week, because I can't take it anymore. (Oh, there were only about 6 of us on the ice - so it's not like there was a lot of traffic).

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    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    It probably was coldness, I'm thinking now. I noticed I was unusually cold in the rink today wearing a tshirt, sweater, and gloves, but thought maybe it was because I didn't have my usual fleece vest. Except sometimes I strip down to just a tshirt when I'm working hard, so I bet it was more cold than it usually is. I'll pay attention tomorrow though.

    Since I feel like writing and I don't usually comment on others' posts (even though I do read them and think about them every time!), I think I'll do so now:

    Glacierskater: Thanks for the advice about spins. I didn't try any today - I still feel intimidated - but I think I'll go over it again with my coach tomorrow night. Until I feel a bit more secure with my "technique" I don't want to keep practicing them in case I'm doing it the wrong way, you know?

    Cinderella: BUMMER about the injury! I damaged my right wrist playing volleyball a few years ago and it still gives me trouble going about my everyday activities so I'm worried I'm gonna fall on it skating and mess it up again. Do you wear any kind of wrist guards? I'm thinking of looking into it. And, you may have already said this, but what music is your program set to?

    starshinexavier: That sounds like a wonderful experience you're having. When you're done, what kind of coaching work will you be doing?

    sk8er1964: That's AWESOME about the 6' jump. I rarely see skaters at my rink (at least during the times I go) do jumps that big - even the really good ones just doing waltz jumps to warm up - so I'm very impressed. Too bad about the rudeness factor. I was going to say maybe she's new enough to skating (like me!) that she didn't know what you were doing, but if she was spinning I guess not. I'm getting better able to anticipate where people are going but I still sometimes get in people's way. Even then I get away fast and yelp "Sorry!" so in my opinion that girl's behavior is inexcusable. Ohwell!

    See you all tomorrow!

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    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">CINDERELLA:</span>
    I am so proud of you for pressing on! Way to go girl! A skater after my own heart. Sounds like you are a fighter. I am curious how often you skate. Is it every day? I will be checking in with you to see how testing went. It sounds like you are confident and I tend to agree with you about a possible sympathy vote...although I doubt that you will need it. I am sure that there will be moderate curiosity among the judges at the very least.

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">RACHELSTARLET:</span>
    Some days on the ice are just days on the ice. Some are banner days. That's okay, and you have to allow for that. I get frustrated with myself when I am not having the most stupendous practice, but sometimes it is my body's way of telling me that we are not training for the Olympics, and I need to back off. I listen. It keeps injuries down. It sounds like you are coming aling nicely. Try not to get intimidated. Everyone had to start at the beginning and you just have to keep pushing through. I still get intimidated when I got the other rinks to skate that I am not familiar with. I could not even bring myself to go to a real freestyle session when I visited my mom in CO in May. I went to public instead. There were some really high level skaters on FS, and all young teenage girls. About the blades...what are you walking on to get to the ice? Do you have your hard guards on? What is the quality or lack thereof, on the floor that you walk on to get to the ice? That may be impacting your comfort and security on the blades. Also they may have not gotten a quality sharpening...all things to consider. Just keep your chin up, and take it as it comes. You will do great.

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">SK8ER1964:</span>
    I have a question: What is a footprint? Other than the obvious mark left by your foot in the sand....A 6 foot flip jump? That is great! How does one actually know where they took off and landed? The take onff on the flip I guess you can tell from where you picked, but what about the landing? I want to measure mine. If I can keep my head from crash landing, that is...I share your displeasure about rudeness on the ice. It makes me want to take them on in hockey. So now that we are talking about this, I would like any input that you all can give me about this subject. I am practicing for my MIF testing, and for FS4. In FS4 there is a dance sequence that is giving my fits and I have to use half the sheet of ice to complete it. That is that goal anyway. I am a very cuteous icemate. I always get out of the way when I see that others are doing their program, working on dance sequence, or long MIF moves that take up lots of space on the ice. There are some things that you just cannot stop once you have started or you will not have the feel for the real thing come test time. I get VERY ( ) Frustrated with some of my fellow skaters when I AM IN A LESSON, and working on the above mention things that require lots of ice. I find that other people don't seem to have the same concern that I do. There is one particular adult skater, who is a friend, that plays each of his 4 programs at the 3 times, usually as many as he can get in during sessions. Then to top it off, he cuts me off in the middle of my FS4 dance sequence DURING MY LESSON. If I don't happen to get out of his way DURING MY LESSON, thgen he starts over. I have yet to make it through this sequence even once DURING MY LESSON. I understand that someone doing their program has the right of way. As it is I will be yielding to him for the rest of my natural born skating life. How can I tactfully remedy this? My coach is very passive, and apologizes to him when I get in his way when I am doing my dance sequence, (did I mention IN MY LESSON?!?) and he is doing his program for the umpteenth time. I find it very aggravating. Is there a tactful way that I can make my point? Throwing a hissy fit is not really my syle, but this keeps happening, practice after practice. I don't want to lose a friend over it, but I am not yielding the next time if he has already gone through his programs, is not in a lesson, and I am. I waste most of my lesson getting out of his way. Any ideas?

    I will not be doing much skating this week. We are having skate camp for the younger skaters and I am helping out the rest of the week. I think that I will be able to get in a lesson, but that is about it. I hope that I will have cause to don my skates during camp, in the name of helping out. I will keep you all posted.

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    The footprint is exactly what you think. It's a good idea to take a look at your footprints because they can tell you a lot about the jump you just did. My favorite boo-boo on the 2toe (and single for that matter) is to start rotating before I actually jump. If I look at the footprint I can tell clearly when my pick is too far over to my right side, something I don't always feel. So it lets me try to correct the problem (yeah, right <img src= ALT=":o"> ).

    Anyway, on an edge jump the distance would be from where your edge ends to the toe pick on the landing edge/tracing. For toe jumps, from the toe pick-in to the landing pick.

    I haven't 6-footed one since. 4/5 feet seems to be my average. That was one heck of a fly :D .

    As far as the problems with people getting in your way all the time, I wish I had a solution. I'm going to talk with them next session, in a nice way, and let them know what happened and how much it upset me. I'm sure, knowing everyone involved - we are responsible adults - that we can work through the problem without getting nasty.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    GLACIERSKATER - Thanks for the pat on the back. You asked how often I skate. I try to get out there 3x-4x a week. I was beginning to think that maybe even 4x was going to be too much, since I seemed to need a lot more "recovery" time than when I was a young pup. :lol: However, ever since I've been eating more protein in my diet, I'm finding that I'm very comfortable with 4x and probably could do more, if I had the time or opportunity. A number of adults at our club have suggested the public skate on Sunday afternoons from 2-4. Apparently it is sparsely attended in the summer, and I might scope it out.

    That people-getting-in-the-way thing is a tough problem. As far as the person who is your friend, maybe you could enlist him to help come up with the solution? You might approach it quite tactfully, perhaps before a session AND YOUR LESSON is about to begin, and say that you've noticed that sometimes you seem to be "in his way" when you are IN YOUR LESSON, and you realize that is probably frustrating for him. However, you would like for him to realize that it is also frustrating for you because you feel like you are wasting a lot of your lesson time trying to get out of everyone's way. Does he have any suggestions for how the two of you can avoid each other's patterns, at least while you are IN YOUR LESSON? Also, you may want to say something to your coach. They are supposed to be looking out for you and actually helping you "command" (within reason) some space. At a minimum, you might explain to your coach that when he/she apologizes like that, it undermines your ability to hold your ground on the ice. If there's any apologizing to do, it will come from you.

    I realize this is easier said than done. But you're right, throwing a hissy is not the way to get any results.

    SK8R1964 - Woo hoo on the axel toe. Sorry to hear that you, too, are having some courtesy problems. I find that the people who are most inconsiderate are also the ones who should know better. I've been very fortunate so far to skate during sessions where mostly everyone is quite courteous. I've also been trying to make "friends" with a few of the "hot shot" teen skaters so that they treat me a little more kindly. So far so good.

    RACHELSTARLET - To answer your questions, my program music is "Fire on High" by ELO. It's pretty dynamic and really works my butt off! Also, in the past I have never worn wrist guards while skating, but my ortho doc and I agree that I will wear a brace on this twice-fractured arm for quite some time into the future when I skate!

    DUCKY DUCKY DUCKY - Have any of you ever gone to a carnival where they have a Bingo game but they can't call it bingo because of some gambling laws? So they used to call it Ducky, and the carny guy would bark out DUCK-Y, DUCK-Y, DUCK-Y. Well, that's how my practice was this morning. I really wasn't going to go because my coach wants me to pop by tomorrow for a quick lesson the day before my tests. I had thought I wouldn't skate at all on Thursday in order to conserve energy, but she's probably right to give me a last-minute fine-tune. But I slept great last night and woke up all bright and chipper, so I went to the rink. I had an excellent practice. I worked on all my "weaker" moves (mostly the two clockwise moves), ran through segments of my program, and then ran through my program to the music two times. I felt pretty good and nothing was so botched that it would have required a re-skate. I am hopeful that I can expand and whip this program into much better shape for the Silver Freestyle.

    Hope everyone has had a great day!

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    Re: Ducky / Sucky Lessons & Practices 7/13 - 7/19

    Basic Skills Week 7 (only one more week!)

    Ducky: I had a good skate today, ten times better than yesterday. I asked the girl in our little skating family friends about the ice and she said a lot of times it's too hard, better suited to hockey skaters, so I think that's what was wrong. Speaking of the skating family, they greeted Tricia and me when we got there and then came over and we talked skating for nearly a half an hour - these advice sessions are just as good as lessons! It was kind of embarrassing though, because we had barely warmed up when they came over and asked to see our waltz jumps and stuff. It wasn't pretty. Hah. Anyway, the elder son showed us the entrance to a salchow when we were talking jumps and so now I have that to practice (I guess it's like doing a salchow with just a double three turn on the ice instead of rotation in the air? I dunno), and I was working on outside edges (which should really be called DEVIL EDGES) later and he showed me crossrolls (I guess? I'm not really familiar with the term but that's what he said they were. Tricia and I took a break for a bite to eat and came back for our lesson at six and that was great too. Joy had us warm up with crossovers on a figure eight which I hadn't actually done before and then we worked on turns. Mohawks starting on my right foot are pretty good, but on my left foot it's pretty ugly. Yechh. Then Joy showed us a little pattern (my "footwork sequence," hah) of stroking into a right mohawk and then stepping and gliding on a back right outside edge. She challenged us to add a waltz jump onto the end of it and we were both able to squeak one out and then didn't have to do any more, but it still made me feel pretty cool. Hehe. Then we worked on edges, doing alternating half circles on the line, which was kind of what I was working on earlier so that was nice. I'm not good at this though. I'm too scared to go at any speed but if I don't then I don't have enough momentum to finish the half circles. Joy just told me to make smaller circles but it's still kinda hard. Felt good though, it's nice to be getting better control over my body on the ice. Lastly we worked on spins - Tricia's two foot spin is soooo impressive now. If you saw her do only that you'd think she was really advanced. Mine is so-so, I can get only like three revolutions but it's getting better. Joy showed us how to exit gracefully too, which helps. Tricia can't make it to next week (our last class), and we told Joy that and then a good opportunity arose to ask about a few private lessons before we both leave for college. She said she'd be happy to do it and gave us her number. Yay! I like Joy a lot - she's easygoing and enthusiastic but doesn't let our mistakes slide too much either, and she started skating at 30 so she knows what it's like when things don't come naturally. Anyway, Tricia and I are going back tomorrow, so that'll be three days in a row for me. Whee! Let the addiction take hold. Haha. Oh yeah!! Tricia and I both FINALLY bought guards and soakers today. *cowers in embarrassment* Yeah, it's been a long time being confined to the two foot radius around the boards when we have our skates on. Hah. I took the less mature route and got hot pink guards and purple soakers. Tricia got green. I was very excited about my purchases

    Sucky: Outside edges are kind of getting me down, as I can't hold onto them for very long at all. But it's not totally frustrating - I have enough of a desire to be able to have nice deep edges that I can practice for a long time. Tricia's learning a lot faster than I am, it seems, so that's kind of depressing but she's super athletic and I'm not, really, so I knew that would happen anyway. It makes me want to practice more, though, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise. Happy skating everyone!

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