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Thread: Getting to know each other

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    Aug 2011

    Thumbs up Getting to know each other

    Hi, everyone! It's great that there is such forum which unites people around the world with the same interest, figure skating..It'll be great, I think, if we could know more about the members, old and new, of this forum
    That's why I'd like you to tell just some info about yourself)) Like some kind of introduction=))))It is great if you can share your photo!
    Answer some of these questions:
    1)What's ur name?
    3)Where are you from?
    4)Who is your fav skater?))
    5)When did you start watching fs?
    6)What are your hobbies?

    Just share some facts about you!That'll be awesome)) I really want to know smth about people here)))

    Let's start with me!
    2) 22
    4) I think I started watching fs because of Plush/Yag..Right now I'm a fan of young promising russian juniors)
    6)I looove painting - my father is an artist) And I'm absolutely bad on my skates Eeverytime I go to rink, I say it's my 1st time

    And photo...
    Here you can have a look)
    Looking forward to seeing your replies!=)
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    Staring at the ocean and smiling.
    Please don't post photos unless you are over 21!

    1 My name is Doris (really)
    2 I'm 65
    3. Connecticut
    4. I have lots of favorite skaters, most of them ice dancers
    5. I started watching skating during the 1960 Olympics. Carol Heiss won the ladies. I thought she was wonderful. My fandom was really sealed though at the 1964 Olympics. The Protopopovs were beyond wonderful They were a total revelation
    6. This board & skating fandom in general is my main hobby but I love my garden, boating, cooking and reading and travel, when I can afford it.
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    Kenai, AK
    1. Toni
    2. 27
    3. Alaska
    4. Favorite skaters are hard to list, but when I first started online in skating communities I was Hamilton_Browningfan for a reason. Scott and Kurt are my most favorites.
    5. 1989 after seeing Scott Hamilton skate live in a Disney on Ice show.
    6. I enjoy photography, scrapbooking, travel, and my sportfandoms are mushing, football and skating (i dont particpate in any of them).

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    Jun 2003
    Detroit, Michigan
    1. Larry
    2. 68
    3, Detroit
    4. Michelle Kwan
    5. The annual Ice Capades show in the 1950s. But I first started following competitive skating seriously in 1998.
    6. Writing about mathematics and science.
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    1. Paula
    2. 28
    3. Memphis, TN. Currently live in Shreveport, LA.
    4. Gordei Gorshkov, Ross Miner, Adelina Sotnikova
    5. Started watching skating during the '97 Worlds Men comp when I discovered Elvis Stojko and Yags. Stopped watching after Yags retired. Started watching again March '11 when I was awed by the three above!!!
    6. I haven't found a hobby yet but traveling and photography are on my to do list next year

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    Nov 2011
    1) Macy
    2) 21
    3) Michigan
    4) Alissa, Ashley, Jeremy, Rachael, Julia, Gracie, D/W, V/M
    5) i was a skater for 12 years and got into it when i was about 7
    6) hanging out with my friends, astronomy because it's freaking cool

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    Philadelphia, PA
    1. Gail
    2. 21 + (retired ESL teacher)
    3. Phila., PA
    4. Todd, Paul Wylie, Brian Orser, Midori Ito, Yuka, Taka, Matt Savoie, Kurt, Elvis, G&G, Meryl & Charlie, Tanith & Ben ...
    5. always watched Olympic figure skating since 1968. Had the Dorothy Hamill wedge cut for several years. Became a diehard fs fan during the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics (The Battle of the Brians, G&G, & Midori Ito did it for me). So sorry we didn't follow the comps between 1984-1988! Then there was no turning back. We try to attend regional comps, shows, when possible, and we skate recreationally.
    6. singing in a chorus, listening to music, attending concerts and theaters Broadway musicals in particular), working out on the treadmill, swimming, bike riding, traveling, getting together with friends, volunteer work in my school

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    2-I'm one of the oldest fans...I'm 77.
    3-Montana (have also lived in New Jersey, Nevada & Alabama)
    4-Todd Eldredge, Dorothy Hamill in the past & my fav. Russian man was Vladimir Kotin. Current favorites: Dornbush, Miner, Aaron.
    5-late 1960's Peggy Fleming era
    6-reading/writing/figure skating fan/opera/meeting friends for lunch/time spent with my young grandson.
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    Dec 2003
    Petoskey, Michigan
    1. Tracy
    2. 43
    3. northern Michigan (Petoskey)
    4. v/m, Ashley Wagner, Sasha Cohen, Kirra Korpi, Katarina Witt, Yags, Shizuka Arakawa, Kwan, Brian Joubert. Too many, LOL.
    5. As a very young kid--Dorthy Hamill
    6. Thoroughbred racing, aquatic activities, jigsaw puzzles, zumba, writing stories, watching movies with friends or getting together with friends for drinks.
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    Dec 2004
    1. Chris
    2. 63
    3. Spokane WA
    4. D/W, Mirai, MK...heck, I love 'em all.
    5. Went to live performance in Spokane in the last century. Learned three things. I was desparately in love with Angelika Krylova, figure skaters are really small people, (I am 6'2") but there was nothing small about their courage, artisty and athletism.
    6. Motorcycle touring, camping, airplanes, air races, airshows, and shooting single shot antique rifles at metal sihouettes of buffaloes at 800 yards. Partying at Nationals, SA, Worlds and Four Conts. Beautiful women. Skaters that dont tweet the "F" word.

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    The land of Agent Dale Cooper
    1.) Mai P.
    2.) Lucky 30!
    3.) Washington State (via Philadelphia, Louisville, Chicago and several other cities and towns -- I lived in a lot of places!)
    4.) Davis + White, Shibutanis, Ross Miner, Akiko Suzuki, Savchenko/Szolkowy, Shen/Zhao, Rachael Flatt, Daisuke Takahashi, Kristi Yamguchi, Michelle Kwan, Midori Ito, Tonya Harding (later in life). Really there are more than that...and in general I don't actively dislike any skater. I always make a point to admire skaters when they bring forth great programs...(Tatsuki Machida and Bobrova/Soloviev are key examples this season).
    5.) Been following it casually since I was about 9, when I watched the 1991 World Championships (I remember it....Will KRISTI WIN WITHOUT A TRIPLE AXEL? DUM DUM DUM!!). But I didn't really get into it until the 2009 World Championships when I saw Yuna win in high-definition TV.
    6.) Reading, running, cooking, watching Korean dramas, looking up random stuff on wikipedia, staying abreast on technology, meeting with friends, board games, listening to all sorts of music from classical to indie rock, traveling and wondering how I can keep up with all my hobbies....
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    The Zamboni Rocks!!! sillylionlove's Avatar
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    East of the Pacific, West of the Atlantic, South of Canada and North of Mexico
    1) Cathy

    2) 40
    3) grew up in Long Island but now live in southern New Jersey
    4) my favorite skater- that's a tough one....ilia kullik!!
    5)I started watching figure skating after my grandfather got free tickets to see the ice capades with Dorothy Hamil
    6)my hobbies- I like visiting historical sights. My goal is to see every presidential home/library that exists. So far I have see 10!

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    Figure Skating Is A Dangerous Sport Dee4707's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    2)Old enough to know better but don't
    3)Omaha Nebraska
    4)Favorite All Time Skaters: Male: Alexei Yagudin, Female: Sasha Cohen Current Skaters: Patrick Chan, Javier Fernandez, and Florent Amodio. I am still mouning the Alexei, Plush, and Stephane Lambiel, Sasha Cohen, Michelle Kwan, Irina Slutskaya era.
    5)When did you start watching fs? Have always watched but REALLY watched in 2001-2002.
    6)What are your hobbies? These are my absolute favorites: I love to sew and make things. Learning new techniques for crafting.

    I joined this board during the 2001-2002 time.

    Thanks for starting this thread it's interesting. Grgranny (board member) used to do this and so it's great to see it carry on.

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    Kenai, AK
    have you heard from Grgranny in a while Dee?

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    Figure Skating Is A Dangerous Sport Dee4707's Avatar
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    No, I haven't. I will send her an email today.

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