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Thread: Maé-Bérénice Meité

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    Maé-Bérénice Meité

    Maé is the #1 of the French Ladies, and she has placed in the European top 5 (2014), 10th at the Sochi Olympics, and 10th at Worlds 2015. She's well known for the athleticism of her skating, but she has worked a lot to improve her artistry and feminity on the ice. She's a hardworker, always hungry to progress, what we saw this year in her program with new big combos as 3Lz-3T!!

    ISU bio:

    Icenetwork bio:

    Wikipedia bio:

    2007/2008 (Junior):
    FP: "Tangaria"

    2009/2010 (Junior):

    SP: "Forrest Gump soundtrack"
    FP: "Concertino pour Guitare/ Hable con ella"

    SP: "Dernière Lettre du Prince"
    FP: "Fever/Jessica's Theme/Hey Pachuco"

    SP: "Feeling Good"
    FP: "1001 Nights"

    SP : "The Question of U"
    FP : "Europa, We Will Rock You, La Grange"

    SP : "Hosanna/The Groove You Liked/Freedom"
    FP : "Conquest of Spaces/Shadows/Run Boy Run"

    Duo with Florent Amodio:
    When I Was Your Man:
    Gala Les Etoiles de la Glisse: /
    Una Parte Di Me :
    Swan lake remix :
    Partition, Show Me How You Burlesque :

    Miscellaneous Vids:
    It's Gonna Be Maé:
    Loki Starfish - Chambers to place doubt:

    Links for Social Media :

    Unfortunately she went through the season with a knee injury, and is now completely resting, to come back stronger next season!
    Go Maé !

    PS: I apologize for the quality of the oldest videos, couldn't find others..


    2015 - World Team Trophy - 6th (team)
    2015 - World Championships - 10th
    2015 - Winter Universiade - 2nd
    2015 - European Championships - 6th
    2015 - French Championships - 1st
    2014 - Trophée Eric Bompard - 5th
    2014 - Skate America - 9th
    2014 - World Championships - 15th
    2014 - Olympic Winter Games - 10th
    2014 - European Championships - 5th
    2014 - French Championships - 1st
    2013 - Trophee Bompard - 5th
    2013 - Skate America - 6th
    2013 - World Team Trophy - 6th (team)
    2013 - World Championships - 11th
    2013 - Challenge Cup - 2nd
    2013 - European Championships - 10th
    2013 - French Championships - 2nd
    2012 - NRW Trophy - 4th
    2012 - Trophee Eric Bompard - 5th
    2012 - Skate America - 6th
    2012 - World Team Trophy - 4th (team)
    2012 - European Championships - 13th
    2012 - French Championships - 2nd
    2011 - Trophee Eric Bompard - 6th
    2011 - NHK Trophy - 7th
    2011 - Coupe de Nice - 4th
    2011 - Ondrej Nepela Memorial - 1st
    2011 - World Championships - 14th
    2011 - European Championships - 9th
    2010 - Trophee Eric Bompard - 9th
    2010 - Skate America - 8th
    2010 - Coupe de Nice - 3rd
    2009 - French Championships - 2nd
    2009 - Junior Grand Prix (Croatia) - 6th
    2008 - Junior Grand Prix (Great Britain) - 6th
    2009 - World Junior Championships - 12th
    2008 - Junior Grand Prix (France) - 8th
    2008 - French Championships - 5th
    2008 - French Championships, Junior - 1st
    2007 - Coupe de Nice, Novice - 2nd

    October. 2014 - Extensive quotes from Maé-Bérénice
    "Changing of the guard on display at French Masters"

    February 2014- Story about Maé-Bérénice's costume designer, including quotes from Maé-Bérénice
    "Gold, French skaters sparkle in Griffies' designs"

    December 2013
    "France hands out national titles in Vaujany
    Méité finally claims first French crown; Péchalat, Bourzat win easily"

    October 2013- story about French Masters 2013
    "French skaters debut programs in Orléans
    Bességhier breaks ankle in warm-up; French fed tests new ideas"
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    I didn't know she had a knee injury? But I'm glad to hear that she's resting, so she can come back next season and slay the competition. Hoping for the best for you, Mae!

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    In fact, her injury came from mid-november, but wasn't bothering her so much, so she decided to continue the season normally. But after the WTT, it became really painful and prevented her from skating (she wasn't able to take part to the second part of the French Tour), and she decided with her medical staff to take a complete rest, which was probably the most reasonable option.

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    She is my favorite. I hope she will get better next season.

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    A video of "It's Gonna Be Me" dubbed over one of her programs, entitled "it's gonna be Mae," for the OP:

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    Has mae ever performed with a male skater at an exhibition?

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    As far as I know, she has not.

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    Lovely first post, Pika-Alva!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catlau View Post
    As far as I know, she has not.
    In fact she has ! I added the video of a bis with Florent Amodio at the 2013 Masters of Orleans. Thanks naplesskater , who helped me to find!

    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    Lovely first post, Pika-Alva!
    Thanks doris! I'm doing my best to improve it, thanks for your help !!

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    She was involved also in a music clip:
    Loki Starfish - Chambers to place doubt

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    Quote Originally Posted by naplesskater View Post
    She was involved also in a music clip:
    Loki Starfish - Chambers to place doubt

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    Do you think Mae will perform with male partner in show? Although she is going to be single in competition, I believe Meite could give a great potential in dancing. She is able to transform power into elegance and sensuality. These features can be underrated if she always performs alone.

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    In this video from Gala Courchevel 2014 she does a little introducion on stage with the singer.

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