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Thread: Cup of Russia coverage

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    News Cup of Russia coverage

    Anna Kondakova is covering Cup of Russia for Golden Skate and links to articles can be found [URL=""]here[/URL]. Enjoy and post your thoughts in the [URL=""][COLOR=#417394]Cup of Russia forum[/COLOR][/URL].

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    In case anyone is interested:

    [INDENT]Ruslan Zhiganshin ‏@Zhiganshin_Rus tweeted a good close-up photo of the colorful Rostelecom medals.
    [INDENT]И самое главное! [URL=""][/URL]
    6:08 AM - 11 Nov 12[/INDENT]

    [Rough translation: "And the most important thing!" (The context is that his preceding tweet from Rostelecom was a cute photo of a giant batch of assorted stuffed animals.)][/INDENT]

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    Thanks Golden, very nice solid looking hardware. I remember the medals from Vancouver-looked liked over sized round potato chips. Still, I sure wish i had one of any color, from any Olympics. I am sure Yuna sees it as gorgeous and the result of her life's work. But to me it looked like a chip. LOL, Maybe I was just hungry for salty at the time!

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