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    signing in

    i don't think I cleaned my cache but last couple days I wasn't recognized I guess and had to sign in. Both times I had to use password and did click remember there something wrong with my computer-I am not only user of this one...the printing is tiny today and I have no idea why. Thank you, and is this the right thread to ask ?

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    This would be the right place; We didn't change the font size on the site, so any changes in how it displays on your computer are due to software changes in your computer. If you have Internet Explorer, you can increase the font size on any web page as follows:

    Pick the Tools Option from the tool bar at the top of any webpage. Pick Toolbars. Make sure there is a check next to Status.
    Now look at the lower right hand side of the web page, just over the time. You will see a number like 100% with a little arrow next to it. If you click on the arrow, it gives you lots of options for font sizes, including custom, if you find say 125% is too small and 150% is too big or scrambles up something you like.

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