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Thread: Grand prix final predictions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mousepotato View Post
    Perfect unison?!? Not even close on either jumps, see the links. They really only have a great twist and the landing isn't as fluid as it could be, he holds her for a second to long before setting her down. People look at her so much in the lifts they forget about Yuri. She even had trouble landing the throws. They got easy competitions this season. When the judges see them up against the best of the rest, they may not be too giving in the PCS department.

    1. V/T (it’s theirs to lose and it’s possible)
    2-5 either P/T, K/S, D/R or B/L depending on the day of mistakes
    6. MT/M (they will be dead last unless they are better than they have ever been and someone else messes up badly or gets hurt.)
    I think it was a poor attempt to be snarky by the poster.
    I said B/L had as much connection as two parallel lines.
    The poster followed up by saying that means they had perfect unison. The problem with this "logic" is if A implies B, and B is a subset of {B,C}, A also implies C. Clearly, his left side of the brain practiced too many triple twists.

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    1st... i am so sad that S/S cannot compete...

    2nd predictions:

    1. V/T - but i dont like thei sp + fp... their style and look iss soo theatrlic... esspecially max...but they can do plenty of mistakes, the judges and their federation gonna raise them up with 3 falls (CoR) .-)
    2. D/R - i like that they are taking risks (3 Lutz sbs) .. you cannot move up if you are not taking risks... an d they are improving every year
    3. B/L - their sp + fp are boooring as every year.. they have such poor jumps... and vera.. pls eat something!!!
    4.) K/S - 4STh??? why?? they sould better improve their 3T3T seq... and take care of their health... their federation is putting them behind B/L surely
    5.) P/T - are they fit .. with 2T sbs they have no chance in the final... they have over years no improvement in their elements... poor
    6.) M-T/M - well i think they have a great potential, but they are too inconsistant... and if they wanna get up.. pls change coaches!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlattFan View Post
    I think it was a poor attempt to be snarky by the poster.
    I said B/L had as much connection as two parallel lines.
    The poster followed up by saying that means they had perfect unison. The problem with this "logic" is if A implies B, and B is a subset of {B,C}, A also implies C. Clearly, his left side of the brain practiced too many triple twists.
    Sorry, it was just a joke. Two parallel lines must be in unison, figuratively speaking. They are going in the same direction.

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    I always like making predictions on the GPF. Here goes:

    Yuzuru - Judges seem to like him as much as Chan
    Fernandez - He has good programs this year
    Chan - He's got the most difficult programs and he always takes longer to peak.

    Wagner - She'll win everything this year; shes unbeatable when compared to any of the others
    Suzuki - She will get the benefit of the doubt form the judges after NHK
    Asada - Great programs this year

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    Grand Prix Final predictions (not just wishes!):

    1. Patrick Chan (he's not as unbeatable-looking as last season, but I still think he has enough to win)
    2. Yuzuru Hanyu (he beat Dai at NHK, so that's the main reason why I have him beating Dai here)
    3. Daisuke Takahashi (See Yuzuru. Although, it would be great for Dai if he could beat Yuzu here right before Nats)
    4. Javier Fernandez (I am loving this guy, and I think he will be very close to the podium, but just edged out for a medal)
    5. Takahiko Kozuka (he's coming back very well from a rough season, but I don't think he's quite there just yet)
    6. Tatsuki Machida (such a deep men's field, and to me, he just isn't on the level of the other five men here)

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    1. Ashley Wagner (this would be a huge victory for her, I just hope she can live up to expectations)
    2. Akiko Suzuki (she has great programs this year, and she is after that gold medal she hasn't gotten this season)
    3. Mao Asada (she will have to improve from NHK, but when she's on, she's on another level)
    4. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (she'll have the crowd behind her here, otherwise I may have put her lower)
    5. Kiira Korpi (surprised me by making it to the Final, she could take 4th, but I don't think so)
    6. Christina Gao (I'm happy she gets the spot, but I'm afraid the pressure might get to her.)

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    1. Chan - he hasn't skated a clean SP yet; if he does, i don't think Yuzu will have the SP lead
    2. Fernandez - i just feel like he is going to redeem himself after his last FS
    3. Kozuka - he beat Yuzu at SA, so definitely capable of putting up the numbers
    4. Takahashi - not been a good jumping season for him so far, hope he can turn that around
    5. Hanyu - not training with Orser until GPF might take a toll on the good SP streak he has going
    6. Machida - if everyone hits their quads in the SP, he is going to be quite behind;

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    Quote Originally Posted by katia View Post
    Don't think so.
    He got 1st place in Japan because he is younger than Takahashi and Japanese federation, like the Russians, think about next year. He is a male "Mao Asada".
    True, but unlike Mao, he's landing big jumps (quads, 3A, 3/3, etc.).

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    1. Chan (more vulnerable this year but at this point in season I think he's still the one to beat)
    2. Hanyu (that sp is amazing but he still hasn't figured out how to pull it together for the lp yet- so I'm putting him 2nd for now but maybe by worlds...)
    3. Takahashi (he's pacing himself so i think he can still make the podium though if he has a bad skate Kozuka or Fernandez could sneak in and steal that podium spot)

    Ugh- I don't care! Nobody interests me here.

    1. V/T
    2. K/S
    3. P/T

    1. D/W (this may be the only chance they have to win over V/M this season- i hope they win the SD at the very least bc i think it's the best out of all the SD's this season. Ultimately, I think it will be hard for them to win Worlds in Canada this year.)
    2. V/M (if they've had time to fix some of the technical problem areas then i could see them taking top spot)
    3. P/B

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    1. Virtue/Moir
    2. Davis/White
    3. Bobrova/Soloviev

    1. Zovosozhar/Trankov
    2. Bazarova/Larionov
    3. Kavaguti/Smirnov

    1. Wagner
    2. Asada
    3. Suzuki

    1. Chan
    2. Hanyu
    3. Fernandez

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    You know, each of these four disciplines presents some fascinating questions here and that will play out for the rest of the season. So, from least interesting to most interesting (with predictions)

    1. Ashley Wagner
    2. Akiko Suzuki
    3. Elizaveta Tuktamisheva
    4. Mao Asada
    5. Kiira Korpi
    6. Christina Gao

    I think the top two could flip around; that the next three will be in any order and that Gao will be last. Wagner winning this would be huge. I think it would erase any doubts that she’s the real deal this season – an honest to goodness Champion skater. Hey, the last time the Worlds were in Canada, an American won (Meissner, 2006). And the time before that (Kwan, 2001). And the time before that (Kwan, 1996). And the time before that (Trenary, 1990). Just sayin’.

    Suzuki winning this would be equally huge. It would force the hand of the Japanese federation, give her a real boost overall, and just invigorate the rest of the season for us fans. That’s my wish. A strong second would be terrific, but not have the same effect.

    Tuktamisheva wants to rubber stamp a trip to Euros/Worlds, and a medal here’s the ticket. Asada wants to erase a poor victory with a great skate. Korpi’s the stealth bomber here. She can out-PCS Tuktamisheva and Suzuki and out-TES Asada. She could sneak in to steal bronze if she has a major skate and the others falter.

    Gao will be last and thrilled with the experience of competing in the GPF, something none of us saw at the beginning of the season.

    Okay, this is a truly fascinating event. Not because it’s a contest for gold – V/T will step onto the ice and on top of the podium in the same moment. But because afterwards, it’s just a massive scramble.. So, from bottom to top....

    In sixth, we’re gonna see Mt/M. No disrespect intended, but they haven’t been skating THAT well. It’s disappointing, because they have made MASSIVE improvements in the off season – her form is a lot better, they’re going for a broader range of choreography and that SP especially is just dense with complex movements. They’re not in danger of losing that 2nd spot, not really, but the way they’re skating won’t be enough for Canada to get a third spot at Worlds. Which is disappointing.

    In fifth, it’ll be Pang/Tong. They aren’t skating THAT well, and their PCS advantage won’t be enough to overcome poor BV.

    In fourth, the unfortunate K/S reside. I think it’ll be telling where they place in the grand scheme of Russian politicking. If they start getting beaten by B/L, it’s all over. They’ll make it to Sochi as also-rans. If they don’t, the race for Sochi becomes more interesting.

    In third, I believe D/R have enough. A well skated D/R will have something above 33/63 in BV’s for their two programs and will earn positive GOEs on everything but the SBS Lutz (and that’s not a given). They are REALLY jamming the technical element content, but they’re also pushing themselves with their transitions and choreography – very demanding. On the one hand, that means they’re unlikely to skate clean. On the other hand, it means they can absorb errors VERY easily. Don’t be surprised to see a clean D/R break 65/130. They won’t be clean, but the marks will still be there.

    In 2nd, it’s B/L. Hopefully they take the momentum of the NHK and run with it. They aren’t a great team by any means, and they’ve got to hope for a lenient technical caller on their jumps, but their lifts and twist are GOE earners, and their PCS are fine for a team with very little in the way of presentation (which is weird because of their history).


    1. Volosozhar/Trankov
    2. Bazarova/Larionov
    3. Duhamel/Radford
    4. Kavaguti/Smirnov
    5. Pang/Tong
    6. Moore-Towers/Moscovitch

    Though really, any organization from 2-5 wouldn’t surprise me.

    1. Davis/White
    2. Virtue/Moir
    3. Pechalat/Bourzat
    4. Boborova/Soloviev
    5. Cappellini/Lanotte
    6. Ilynikh/Katsalpov

    D/W: Peak earlier and longer, have the highest TES and PCS of the season. V/M need to be completely on form to beat them, and I don’t think we’ll see that yet.

    V/M: Are they gonna be closer to D/W or P/B? P/B’s first competition score was greater than V/M’s, and that never happens.

    P/B: Shame that their work ethic is in service to two mediocre programs, but they feel the fire and believe they can challenge the top two. They will be working like mad.

    B/S: How close can they get to P/B. More important to separate themselves away from I/K and close the gap on P/B though. Huge improvements in the off season will aid that.

    C/L: Their first GPF since the Olympic season. They need to be closer to the top two in Europe. I’m curious if they can do it.

    I/K: It’s an honour to be here.....


    This is a genuine five way race for gold, I think.

    1. Yuzuru Hanyu
    2. Patrick Chan
    3. Daisuke Takahashi
    4. Javier Fernandez
    5. Takahiko Kozuka
    6. Tatsuki Machida

    Yuzuru Hanyu: Massive BV and great GOEs when he’s clean; errors easily absorbed; PCS higher than what he deserves. The future star earning those dominant scores today

    Patrick Chan: Improved artistry leading to higher PCS earlier (92.70 at CoR is his best ever internationally). I think he’ll peak at the GPF this season, contrary to history. If he’s clean, he’ll have a tremendous lead, but let’s be honest.....

    Daisuke Takahashi: Will be working like mad to match Hanyu, but will likely require mistakes from the top two and a WTT level skate.

    Javier Fernandez: Prone to mistakes still, and his errors can be deleterious.

    Takahiko Kozuka: The third man in a nation with many third men. Would need a SOHL but he can do it.

    Tatsuki Machida: The fourth man in a nation with many third men.

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    Okay, I'm an out of step old lady, please humor me, IP, what is SOHL?

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    Fascinating post, ImaginaryPogue.

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    SOHL = Skate of His Life?

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    Forget GPF predictions. What I want to know is if the Russians have finally connected the building housing the rink to the sewer system! The building was completed but some engineer forgot to connect it to the sewer system. So is it outhouses for the skaters/attendees at the GPFinal or the luxury of inside toilets?

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