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Thread: Daisuke Takahashi - "I do not insist on the Quad jumps"

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    Sankei published an interview with Dai:
    And this blogger was super fast with the translation!

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    What a nice, candid interview! Thanks for posting. (Sorry I was rude to you last week on the other thread.)

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    Nice interview. Dai has a good soul, I am proud to be a uber!

    Thanks let's talk for keeping me updated on my favorite skater!

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    I think he insists on quad jumps a little. They are more necessary now than they used to be and certainly not necessary in 2009-2010.

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    thanks for posting this! I do hope Dai has his boots the way he likes them now and has had time to practice! With the depth of the Japanese men, I actually feel so nervous for him - he really needs to get to the GPFs, I think, to send a message 'back home' and then there's nationals....oh gosh. Anyway, wishing him all the very best!

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    Hi. I'm the translator. I did it because it was such a nice interview and I wanted to share it with everyone. Thank you for posting the link here!

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