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Thread: Injuries & Ills: 2013-14

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skater Boy View Post
    Are Kavaguti and Smirnov finished for sure? will they retire.
    I have read somewhere they are practising and doing fine. They hope to get ready soon, but aren't sure they will be there in time for Sochi

    Quote Originally Posted by Skater Boy View Post
    Any news, on Joubert though I am not sure if he is injured or what.
    He competed last week end at NRW Trophy and become second after Majorov

    Quote Originally Posted by Skater Boy View Post
    Hegellson is she coming back or will she let her sister go to the Olympics.
    She competed last week-end too and become second after Roberta Rodeghiero at Denkova Staviski Cup

    No info about others than Carolina Kostner not doing nationals
    RESS RELEASE (Rome, December 12/2013): Carolina will not take part in the Italian National Championships scheduled to take place in Merano from December 19-21. The Italian Champion from the "Fiamme Azzurre" is fighting with recurring physical problems after her Grand Prix assignments this fall which keep her from skating at this competition, even though the event was included in her season schedule. In consultation with the officials of the "Fiamme Azzure", Carolina has decided to withdraw from the competition in Merano while expressing her regrets on not being able to compete at such an important event organized in her home region: a decision that is certainly linked to the preparations for the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. In spite of her physical condition, Carolina will be attending - alongside with other atheltes from the Fiamme Azzure - an event organized by the CONI on December 18 in Rome, introducing the Italian Oympic team. During her stay in Rome, Carolina intends to undergo the necessary examinations to assert her current physical state.

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    The link to this article was originally posted by aschiutza in the Plushy fan thread:

    "Plushenko — the 2006 Olympic champion and twice Olympic silver medallist — has already had surgery on his back "but a pin that was in there snapped off," his agent Ari Zakarian said. "So you can see he was not faking." "

    He's due to have surgery 2nd March.

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    Intense photo from Madison Hubbell @splashmadison after her surgery on Mar 5. Best wishes to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golden411 View Post
    Intense photo from Madison Hubbell @splashmadison after her surgery on Mar 5. Best wishes to her.
    More encouraging golden411-

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahy View Post
    That's shocking. I mean, not just the trouble she has but the fact that bodies of all top class figure skaters are like this or will be like this. One thing is to hear remotely about skaters who suffer from back pain or have screws in their spine but to read the actual analysis of what the profession does to the body is shocking. It feels like FS should be kicked out of OG program not because of scandals or something but simply because it cripples people. Makes me wish to retire from discussing figure skating just like the author of this translation did.

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